Forays Into Freeperville – Nobel Peace Prize Edition


This one made the Recommended List on the Daily Kos for about 10 hours today.

When I got up this morning and my iPhone AP app was telling me that President Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize, and I just knew that heads were asplodin’ with great ferocity over in Freeperville (the conservative-and-then-some Free Republic.)

And I was NOT disappointed.

Here in my office, the heads of the douchebags I wrote about in my Recommended Rants HERE are asplodin’ left and right. They suggested that it was a contest between President Obama, Flava Flav and Al Sharpton. They are wandering around shaking their heads. I’m just laughin’…

As someone who works almost daily with Europeans and other non-American coworkers, I have come to realize that America and its policies have a tremendous impact on ALL of the countries of the world. Despite this, they have no say whatsoever in who we elect to be our leaders. It’s my considered opinion that this honor was bestowed not so much on the President but on the American people for making the right choice on behalf of all the civilized countries of the world.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the latest anti-American, “Fuck the USA” world of Freeperville with this week’s edition of

Forays Into Freeperville – Nobel Peace Prize Edition

Easing into it, we have Steve Van Doorn:

For surrendering in Afghanistan?

Right. We’ve surrendered in Afghanistan. Also, we’ve given the plans to build an atomic weapon to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

mapmaker777 is having ‘shoes’, as my wife would say:

My BS meter just went nuclear

Ahhh…that’s more like it. Head asploding in 3…2…1…

sushiman is ready to end it all:

The end of the world must be near .

Dude, the end of the world as YOU know it ended last November. Deal with it.

Classic classiness from prisoner6:

Well…they got the spelling wrong. The headline SHOULD read…

The Nobel Piece (of work) Prize 2009 awarded to President Obama

Just sayin’.

Yes, Piece of Work, something you Freepers know a whooo-oooole lot about, eh, prisoner6?

It appears that sushiman was just warming up. After some reflection, he posted this:

REVOLUTION NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s the ONLY way . Forget the 2010 vote . 2012 …Take it to the streets . take it to Washington . GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does this conjure up the image of Will Ferrell running down the street naked all by himself in Old School for anybody else? Just askin’…

NEPA sees the world differently than most:

My first thought was he hasn’t done anything.

I’m thinking he got it for being willing to throw Israel under the bus and cozy up to dictactors and thugs rather than stand for free people.

Really. Obama has thrown Israel under the bus? Have they been overtly threatened lately and I didn’t get the memo or something???

From Post5203:

They MUST be joking. Even Saturday Night Live knows that this idiot has done NOTHING to advance world peace unless you consider being cuckolded by putin, china, chavez, mock-mood etc. advancing world peace. Typical white guilt by the elite eruopeons

Post5203 manages to denigrate the most populous country on the planet, three world leaders and an entire continent of people in one sentence. You gotta give a guy credit for that, right? Right?  
[tap, tap…CHECK 1-2! CHECK 1-2!…is this thing on??? tap, tap…]

John Valentine continues on with the ‘classiness’:

I thought CNN must have been doing some kind of promotion stunt. This is beyond stupid.

I do more for world peace each time I blow my nose that that jack wipe has done in the entirety of his pitiful, phony life.

Well, at least he didn’t say “wipe my ass” instead of “blow my nose”. Thank goodness for small favors, I guess…

flaglady47 has it all figured out:

What a crock of you know what. First it is a consolation prize for having lost the Olympics. Second, it is the usual leftist, socialist baloney of rewarding one of their own, just like they did with Jimmy Carter, who never deserved the prize either.

Then there are the ulterior motives. Now that Obama has been awarded the peace prize, he can do nothing else other than keep the peace. This is the Nobel Prize Committee’s way of preventing Obama from bombing Iran, as he must be peaceful now, don’t you know, to live up to his new prize.

He won’t be able to put too many more troops in Afghanistan, as that is warlike, and won’t fit his new peace image. He must now pursue another series of endless, useless talks with N. Korea, that will go nowhere, as N. Korea once again is cranking up its nuclear program in order to elicit more perks in the form of bribes from the western countries to buy off peace.

Of course, this is also one more repudiation of George Bush. The talking heads on TV are already pursuing the line of how hated we were internationally for the last 8 years (note they say the last 8 years, so naturally it was during Bush’s reign). Now that Obama is in office, all is well with the world, and peace will reign.

Of course, the fact that Obama has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to deserve this award is totally immaterial to the subject at hand. What a farce, what a joke. What next, giving the award to Ahmadinejad or Hugo Chavez, or Castro? Gag me with a spoon.

Sweetie, your tinfoil hat seems to be slipping down on the left a little bit…and, seriously, “gag me with a spoon”? Who says that anymore???

laconic picks it up from there:

You realize, of course, that this means the end to any escalation of the US military effort in Afghanistan. The world leader for Peace couldn’t possibly approve that; too embarrassing right before he jets off to Oslo (in what, December?) to accept the adulation of the world and that nice big medal the Committee publicly gives to the recipient of the Peace Prize.

OMG!!!  God forbid that we don’t escalate in Afghanistan! Teh h0rr0rzzzZZz!!!

From montag813:


Thanks for that brilliant contribution, Captain Capslock.

I think we have a winner with john mirse:

I think that the Noble Peace Prize people should have first asked to see Obama’s long form Hawaii birth certificate and his Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard college records before it awarded Obama the Peace Prize.

Because once this Obama birth certificate issue explodes in Obama’s face sometime between now and the 2012 presidential primaries, these Nobel Peace Prize officials, in my opinion, are going to be very embarrassed indeed.

I actually didn’t think it would be possible to turn this into a birther screed but that just goes to show you how little I know about the twisted inner workings of the birther mind. Yeesh. (He later claimed it was ‘sarcasm’.)

TheLurkerX apparently doesn’t read the newspapers:

Unf**kingbelievable. Obama has been in office less than a year, pisses of the UK, Israel, the Czechs, Poland, gets mocked by the French, starts a trade war with China, gets threatened repeatedly by North Korea, gets pwned by the IOC, gets chastised by our military for his indecisive bullshit in Afghanistan, and he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize why?

The closest he’s come to diplomatic peace relations is the beer summit, and that wouldn’t have been necessary, if he hadn’t started the whole sh*tstorm in the first place.

Dude apparently isn’t aware the Obama’s favorable numbers are up astronomically across the entire planet. Well, Lurker, you just keep believing that. The rest of us will live in the reality-based world where Bush, Jr. is seen as an imbecilic dolt and Barack Obama is seen as a breath of fresh air after eight years of America holding up its middle finger to the rest of the world.

From Ezekiel we have one from the OHHHHHH NOOOOOOES!!! Department:

And there you have it.

The destroyer is awarded the peace prize.

Time is short.

Yes, time is short. We must act quickly. Round up all the women and children and take them to the bunker…

Cringing Negativism Network (really?) has this to say:

Can there be any doubt now, Obama is the Anti-Christ.

He’s not the one setting the stage.

He’s it.

And this response from LS:

My first thought exactly. How is this guy not the antichrist?

Right because we all know that Satan’s main goal on Earth is to spread peace…

DB, however, disagrees:

Obama isn’t remotely smart enough to be the Anti-Christ.

But I have to admit that the thought crossed my mind on reading this news…

Obama is setting the ground work for major war God knows where…

If you follow that, please drop me a note in the Comments. I got nuthin’.

Erik Latranyi gets his Teabagger on:

Nobel Prize = Socialist Prize

Let’s march on Washington! Let’s get on the Tea Bag Express! Fight the evil socialists!!!

gusopol3 sees ulterior motives:

Euro-socialists pushing bamacare, cap and tax; in the euphoria, the Dems are likely to get both.

Ooo! Now you’re talking! If that’s the case, let’s give him an Academy Award, too!

johniegrad finally…FINALLY…gets it:

This clinches it. Given everything that has happened in the past year and now this, I finally have come to the conclusion that everything I know is wrong.

It’s okay, johnie. We’ve known it all along but this self-awareness stuff is HARD. Just take a vacation, let it soak in. You’ll accept it soon enough.

Erik Latranyi again:

How do you understand this?


After Obama’s failures in Iran, Afghanistan, and Korea, his failure to get the Olympic games for Chicago and his complete failure to the US economy, Obama wins a prize from fellow liberals!

Liberals reward failure and attack success.

So much to snark about here. First of all, lumping in the Chicago Olympic bid with Iran, Afghanistan and Korea? Really? And, second, KOREA??? REALLY? You mean the place that has gained in power and become a bigger threat under Bush, Jr.’s watch? And, third, dude have you SEEN the stock market lately? Have you seen the economic indicators? Things are IMPROVING, you idiot!

perchprism says:

Can’t wait to hear what Rush has to say about this.

Right, then YOU’LL know what to think, right, perch?

sonic109 has been trying to tell people…

The “Nobel” folks are the same ilk as the UN folks . This is a surprise to anyone? Those who cheer for the “giant” to fall are having a field day with this ass of a president.

I have been calling for civil disorder since day one. I was calling for a new Tea Party on FR long before anyone heard of the present Tea Parties ( and got kicked off of FR for a month because of it ) What are we going to do people? sit here and chat on FR until the demise of America in complete?

Aren’t you listening, people??? Sonic has had it all figured out for months! WHY WON’T YOU LISTEN?!?! ARE YOU JUST GOING TO SIT AROUND ON THE FREE REPUBLIC ALL DAY (like sonic109)???

And then this one from SES1066:

In so far as I can see, having just woken up and before my 1st cup of coffee; this could only be based upon the Peace Prize’s Committee’s being so deeply impressed with his world-wide campaign of apologizing for everything that America has done before. What else has he done internationally? Tis a shame that this came after the 2016 Olympic Decision, can you see the IOC turning down the Obama now?

and then aomagrat:

It’s just a consolation prize for losing the olympics.

I’m starting to see a trend here. Since the Olympic bid is really the only thing that hasn’t gone right for Obama, THAT’S the thing they are focusing on.

BlueStateBlues has an interesting take:

He should dedicate the award to Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers “For all they’ve done for me”.

Awww…how cute. Bill Ayers, the gift that keeps on giving (for US!)

Travis McGee‘s head is clearly about to asplode:

Of course they love him, because the communist traitor mole clearly intends to diminish American sovereignty and power.

“Communist traitor mole”. Hmmmm…that’s a new one. Not.

HospiceNurse sees something more sinister:

Talk about an impeachable offense. It seems clear to me that Obama could not have received this prize had he recently okayed a surge in Afghanistan. He KNEW this was coming. It also explains why he screwed Eastern Europe with missile defense. It also lets Iran know that they have NOTHING to fear from us.

The irony is so rich. He’s incompetent and knows nothing and at the same time he’s prescient and knows what will happen in advance unless, of course, it involves the IOC’s decision. Okay, MY head is about to asplode…

M. Espinola also sees a conspiracy:

Obama has done everything to make the world much safer for fanatical jihadists, bloated tax-funded bailed-out banking CEOs and ruthless communists dictators. He must have numerous offshore accounts for all the hidden kickback$ from the grateful recipients of his lucrative favours.

So he’s a communist traitor mole with hidden off-shore bank accounts to line his pockets as he promotes jihadism globally. Got it. [dramatic eyeroll…]

Now let’s do a series we’ll call “Staying Classy in Freeperville”.


I was just woken up by the “Breaking News”, and screamed WTF. Is he the first muslim communist african to win the prize?? The sheeple elected him, why not the Norwegians??

I do not support the idea of taking him out, but I do understand if someone does.


excuse me folks but i am going to puke….this ass clown hasn’t ddown anything but globe trot and make speeches…what constitues him winning this award….such a disgrace to humanity and the real people that deserved it….


Wow, the First Sitting Telepromter to win the Nobel Peace Prize… oops did I think that out loud?

Question: How do you know when President Obama is lying to you?

Answer: His telepromter is moving.


The new criteria for the Nobel Peace Prize:





Eunuch in chief demonstrates how to win a lifetime achievement award in nine months of less…

And, finally, the Grand Prize Winner, it’s TheRedSocksWinThePennant:

I hope Zero’s universal healthcare pays to reattach my head after it explodes off my body

Well, that’s it for today. That was some good times, wasn’t in Kossacks. Now, get to work. We’ve got a LOT of asploded head debris to clear.


I’m just sayin’…

UPDATE: This is an image composed this morning by wife.

This image is composed of 44 versions of a peace image she created awhile back. It is her tribute to our President’s wonderful accomplishment.

You can see more of her stunning work at her Flickr page. Please fave often!