Detroit, Things That Make You Go Hmmm — September 20, 2009 at 10:10 am

Former mayor flips Detroit the bird from Dallas


I used to defend Kwame Kilpatrick when the racist white people I work with in Howell derided him as “the Hip Hop Mayor”. I told them that maybe Kilpatrick’s fresh approach was just what Detroit needed after years of corruption and inept governance.

Then the text message scandal broke. And we found out he spent an inordinate amount of money to settle a court case so the details of his sexual affair with a coworker wouldn’t come out.

Of course, he lost me at that point.

But now he is exhibiting a level of audacity I didn’t think even he was capable of. Turns out that last spring he asked a judge to lower his $6,000/month restitution payment to $6.

You read that right: SIX FUCKING DOLLARS.

Yeah, Democrats can be as bad as Republicans sometimes, can’t they?

This dude is unbelievable. He owes the city of Detroit $1 million. He was ordered to pay $6,000 per month but has recently come upon hard times. First he lowered the payments by 50% to $3,000 citing a clause in his restitution agreement saying he didn’t have to pay any more than 30% of his salary which has recently dropped to $10,000 a month. But, it turns out that, back in March, his attorney Michael Alan Schwartz had put in a request to drop the payment to $6 a month. This past week, the day after he unilaterally dropped his payment in half, he was DENIED!

Schwartz in March sought to reduce Kilpatrick’s monthly restitution payment. He argued that Kilpatrick’s monthly expenses — including $2,700 for rent and $900 to lease a new Cadillac Escalade — ate up $9,994 of his $10,000 monthly salary as a health care software salesman with Covisint, a subsidiary of Compuware […]

Kilpatrick now lives in a million-dollar mansion – larger even than the Manoogian mansion of his mayoral days – in a gated community near Dallas.

Oh, cry me a goddam river, you Hip Hop Crook. Nice way to flip the middle finger to the city you claimed you loved so much.

He’s considering an appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court. Good luck with that, asshole.

But that’s not all, kids. No, there’s actually more. Yesterday, his attorney told the Detroit News that he wants to stop all payments until October 2013 when the million bucks he owes Detroit will be due.

The drop in his income from $20,000 a month to $10,000 is for a reason. He was receiving advances on commission bonuses for makes sales for Covisint. Turns out, he’s about as good a salesman as he was a mayor.

Schwartz said Kilpatrick has yet to close any sales so he is obligated to repay his advances.


I’m just sayin’…

UPDATE: A bit of history for non-Michiganders who don’t follow our Detroit corruption scandals as closely as we do. We don’t have a choice since Detroit plays such an important role in much of what happens in our state.

Kwame Kilpatrick had an affair with a long-time friend and married coworker. Along the way, the Detroit Deputy Chief of Police and a former Kilpatrick bodyguard filed wrongful termination lawsuits claiming they were fired because on an internal probe into Kilpatrick’s actions. The suit was settled out of court and ended up costing Detroit about $8.4 million. Last year the Detroit Free Press broke a major story where they got access to Kilpatrick’s text messages with Christine Beatty, the woman he was schpedonking and it turns out they had settled the court case with the two whistleblowers to avoid getting busted for their affair. So, they spent millions of dollars of Detroit taxpayer money to keep their dirty secret from the public. They were both tried for various criminal charges based on the text messages, Kilpatrick plead guilty and he agreed to resign as mayor, not run for office again and to pay back $1 million. He was hired by Covisint early this year and moved to Dallas.

Wikipedia has a much more detailed description of the court cases and the corruption of Kilpatrick and his staff.

Finally, his mother, Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick is a U.S. Representative for MI-13.