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The Obscene Disrespecting of Senator Ted Kennedy


Over at the Daily Kos, I have a semi-regular feature I do called Forays Into Freeperville where I highlight some of the brilliant inanity of a website called the Free Republic. The Free Republic is an ultra-conservative message board and the denizens of the site are some of the most vile and repugnant right wingers you’re likely to encounter anywhere. They are also pretty dumb.

Today, I ventured over there to see what they were saying about Senator Ted Kennedy who died this week from brain cancer. I was sickened by what I found. Below is what I put up on the Daily Kos this morning. Be prepared. It’s truly obscene.

I was almost afraid to wade into the fetid morass that is the Free Republic (aka “Freeperville”) this morning to see what the commenters have to say about the late Senator Ted Kennedy (R.I.P.)

I was right to be afraid.

What I found there was disgusting. Obscene. Beyond the pale.

At least one thread has been pulled already (the post is there but the comments deleted) and I shudder to think what was in it that caused it to be pulled in light of what is still up there and NOT pulled.

I have limited my snarky commentary because I simply can’t bring myself to even comment…

Let’s first start out with a comment by Free Republic president, Jim Thompson:

FROM: Jim Thompson, Head Cheeze, Free Republic dot com

TO: Admin Mods


That’s it!! Michelle Malkin has finally done it!

I just got a notification from Twitter that they are cutting off my account because my inbox has repeatedly crashed their server!! My complaints that I cannot control how many time Michelle Tweets me about these Senate Death threads that keep popping up like so many angry bees.

Let me make it perfectly clear that it is idle rumor mongering and disrespectful to the memory of the late Senator to speculate in any way whether the bridge the late Senator drove off of will be relocated intact to this new “museum”.

Likewise, we simply must stop the suggestions to bury the late Senator upside down and insert a wick in his rectum in order to provide another “eternal flame” at his gravesite, along with the absolutely shameful and unpatriotic betting that is taking place here via PM’s on how long the Senator’s body could fuel such a flame.

This simply must stop!! I want zots, and I want them now!

With my Twitter account gone, Michelle my Belle will no doubt be looking for new ways to harangue me further about any perceived disrespect toward the late Senator, so I expect every one of you to refresh your Guard and stay sharp!

Keep it Clean! Keep it tight!

Jim Thompson
Free Republic dot com

When you’ve gone too far for Michelle Malkin, you’ve really achieved something, right? I mean, really, think about that for a minute…

The “museum” that Thompson is talking about is the proposal to turn Senator Kennedy’s home into a museum now that he has passed. This, of course, stimulated some horrendous comments.

From randog:

What’s in the “museum” gift shop—Uncle Teddy shot glasses? Commemorative swim trunks?

From Dumpster Baby:

I will never set foot in High Anus Port.

From Reeses:

They could call it disGraceland. Will they put up drunken date rape location markers?

IN response to Thompson’s odious comment, Jmouse007 commented:

That post made my day, “Eternal Flame”… I pictured your description in my minds eye and it was totally appropriate, illustrations would be helpful but as it is, I nearly ruined my notebook (eating dinner).
Also your post is NOT contributing to the health and welfare of our marriage; my wife just asked me what I am laughing so hard about (I nearly fell off my chair)and giggling over. I told her I could not tell her (it is not for delicate ears :o) Needless to say, she is upset with me because I am not telling her about it (she would not be a happy camper if I did tell her so this is the better part of valor).

By the way, the flame would burn for years… whale blubber contains lots of oils and fats :o)

I do have one question though, would Teddy be on his knees with his arms outstretched parallel on the ground to provide the lit wick maximum lighting effect? Inquiring minds want to know.

From bfree:

A place to piss on him and his memory, hopefully, the disgusting piece of human garbage suffered a lot.

From Blood of Tyrants:

My mother used to say that if you can’t say anything good about the dead, then say nothing.

He’s dead. Good!

Then there were some basic under-the-bottom, low-life comments on Kennedy.

From RepublitarianRoger2:

All I know is that I have no reason to turn the news on for the next few days (weeks? hopefully not longer?)

There is nothing else going on in the world that is worth reporting. Nope. Just All Ted, All Dead, All The Time.

From Levante:

“Lion in the senate?”

Yah, right. Maybe he farted like a lion.

More likely, he was a lion-sized steaming pile of Sh!t.

Currently roasting in HELL.

From BigCinBigD:

What a filthy excuse for a human being. I hate that he will pollute the ground in Arlington.

From gman992:

Personally, I still don’t know why everyone is so infatuated by a Jew-hating, Nazi-loving, husband-cheating, bootlegging, insider trading, daughter lobotomizing, mafia-colluding, election stealing, vote-buying, exam-cheating, Sammy Davis Jr dissing, MLK-wiretapping, wife-swapping, drugged up, clap-spreading, white-guilt, women killing—2x—drug-dealing, drug-overdozing, alcoholic, terrorist-funding raising, Anglo-hating, waitress sandwiching, pro-abortion, Catholic-in name only, Chavez loving family?

From Vendome:

He was a penis with ears.

Can I say that?

From pankot:

How about “he was a pig’s crooked penis with ears”?


They will need help and 12 strong men to carry that fat pig to his appointment with Satan.

From bushbuddy:

Kennedy….”lion of the Senate.”

Should read “loon of the Senate.” Sounds more appropriate.

From pnh102:

Wistful that he didn’t die back in 1965.

Regarding an online poll asking about how people will remember Senator Kennedy now that he has passed away came some particularly execrable commentary.

From Nervous Tick:

“Steaming pile of fetid excrement” wasn’t one of the choices, so I picked Chappaquiddick.

They screwed up the poll (from their liberal perspective), because they essentially fragmented the “I Heart Teddy” choices, but there’s only one obvious “I Hate Teddy” choice. And “All of the above” includes the murder scene too.

I note with pleasure that Chappaquiddick has a comfortable lead.

From newfreep:

From another freeper on the Breitbart thread that was pulled…
Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy was:

– A an irredeemable alcoholic – supported by incontrovertable facts.
– A traitor – supported by recently released records of his communications with KGB operatives in his efforts to undermine Reagan AND the United States.
– A murderer – How many millions of the unborn? How many? And then there’s Mary Jo.
– A socialist by his own words: “The reason why socialism hasn’t worked in the last 6000 years is because I wasn’t in charge of it.”

And finally, on the basis of the preceding items – a malignant narcissist.

Nice legacy, Ted.

From ExPatGator:

How will I recall his life? With disgust.

When will I recall his life? Every time I wipe my butt.

From Ax:

Of all the despicable things we can hang on Teddy, for me number one is his inflicting on America his son “Patches.” Watch for this waste of sperm’s political career to skyrocket.

From sten:

is there an option for ‘rarely, if ever’ or ‘thankfully in the past tense’?

From is_is:

How Will I Recall Ted Kennedy’s Life?
as a piece of $hit.


worthless piece of $hit

From floozy22:

No selection for: DRUNK/LOSER/SCUMBAG.
So I voted Chappaquidick.

Then there were the loathsome jokes:

From AmericanMade1776:

What does Ted Kennedy call a seven course meal?

a bake potato and a six-pack of beer

From South40:

What’s the difference between a Kennedy wedding and a Kennedy funeral?

One less drunk.

With regards to his funeral in the Catholic church, many Freepervillians are outraged.

From Republic of Texas:

If the Catholic Church gives him a Mass, with Sacraments, they are hypocrites just like he is.

From Twink:

I hate what that man and most of his family have done to my Country. Whatever happened on his deathbed or during his private confessions is none of my business. I don’t consider him a Catholic and hate that this family got away with so much and with the support of some priests and Bishops.

But he’s a public figure and claims he’s a Catholic so of course the Catholic Church is going to be slammed. Especially by non Catholics who just like to trash and by former Catholics who have their own issues.

There are those of us who hate that the Kennedy family, or cetain members, claim to be Catholic when everything they stand for is directly against Church teachings. Hmmm, maybe one day we’ll all be self righteous about Jews or some Protestant Demonination that some public official belongs to.

From veritas2002:

Here’s my proposal…Let’s all of us church-going Catholics who have been scandalized by the Catholic Church in Boston allowing the fiercely pro=abortion Kennedy to have a funeral Mass show our protest.

Let’s get the word out around the country that ereryone who is outraged, not put one red cent into the basket at Church for the next month and instead send the money to Right to Life. This will telegraph our disenchantment with the Boston Church’s decision and send a clear signal to all bishops to begin to take a stand on these traitorous politicians.

Send this out to every Catholic you know, on Facebook, on Twitter, you name it. It’s the only way we have to communicate that this stuff has got to stop.

From Mrs. Don-o:

This makes me sick. I will pray. But we’re caught in a hell-designed situation where the Left leverages Kennedy’s fdeah as an oranizing tool, the sexually disordered and abortion-enthusiasts trumpet his glory, while the upright, struggling with their sense of outraged decency, are silenced with nil nisi bonum.

From Nosterrex:

If I were a Bishop in the Roman Catholic Church, I could not in good conscience allow Kennedy to be buried within the church. If the Roman Catholic Church really wanted to make a moral statement and be a moral leader, it would refuse him Catholic burial rites.

John McCain said, “He was a good and decent man.” Hoo-boy, did that generate some nastygrams.

From A message:

MCCAIN: He was a good and decent man.

Tells us a lot about your values McCain. You can’t distinguish between a good and decent man and a scumbag.

From ArrogantBustard:

No, Johnny Mac … Fat Drunk Ted was a vile, dishonest, cowardly poltroon.

From counterpunch:

What was good or decent about a man who spent his life destroying the lives of others?

From nj patriot:

McCain is a moron. His inability to look evil in the face and call it evil is why he is a loser. No courage no commitment, no balls. I don’t need the likes of McClain to tell me the obvious, Kennedy was a drunk, a women abuser, a destroyer of the financial base of this country. Good riddance to Kennedy.

The immigration bill of 1965, supported by Kennedy has driven this country into bankruptcy.

From stephenjohnbanker:

Kennedy was a life long evil man. We should pray for his soul, but under no circumstance condone or enable his monstrous behavior. McCain is doing both.

From TheThirdRuffian:

Kennedy was a piece of human garbage who:

1. Gave nuclear secrets to the Soviets for personal gain

2. Raped women

3. Murdered at least one woman

4. Traded taxpayer money for personal gain and glory and favor

5. Betrayed our troops in Vietnam

6. Fled from his duty in Korea

7. Slandered honorable men on the floor of the Senate (Bork)


He was unrepentant and reveled in his evil.

The next verse after “judge not” is to “go and sin no more.”

Kennedy had a chance to repent; his letter pushing ObamaCare and abortions as his last act makes it pretty apparent that he did not.

He was garbage and speaking kindly about him is a lie and an endorsement of his evil.

And finally, a capstone from bfree (again):

I hope he suffered horribly and is now burning in hell.

I’m actually nauseated. As much as most of us detested conservatives like Ronald Reagan, when he passed away, I never observed anything as repugnant as these subhumans are capable of putting out into the public domain.

Sometimes I weep for our country.

I’m just sayin’…