Politics — March 1, 2009 at 10:41 am

Grown-ups in Washington, Children in the GOP


I’ve been marveling lately at how totally amazingly awesomely great it is that we finally have grown-ups back in charge in Washington, D.C. Then, during the Conservative Political Action Conference this week, they trotted out this little Alex P. Keaton wannabe:

How pathetic is your political party when your most eloquent spokesperson is 13 years old?

I thought Sarah Palin was bad (and she was.)

I thought “Joe the Plumber” was bad (and he was.)

I though Bobby Jindal was bad (and he is.)

But this kid is more eloquent than all three of them.

Funniest commentary on this is, as usual, over at Wonkette.

I’m just sayin’…