Obama, Politics — October 3, 2008 at 2:19 pm

PHOTOS + PANO: Obama in East Lansing, Michigan


Yesterday, Barack Obama appeared in East Lansing, Michigan, home of Michigan State University (my alma mater, 2 degrees and a daughter who goes there). There he spoke to a crowd of more than 18,000, mostly college students after having addressed a crowd of around 16,000 that morning in Grand Rapids.

During his speech, he hit on a variety of topics that young people are keenly interested in but none attracted as much applause as when he talked about ending the war in Iraq.

Yesterday was a busy day of presidential events and of very news for Michigan where we learned that the McCain campaign is pulling out of our fine state. Buh-BYE, Senator! This elicited a tremendous cheer from the crowd when a supporter at the Michelle Obama event in Clinton Township (near Sterling Heights) shouted out the news. Below are photos and a panoramic image of his visit here. All images by Anne Savage/Revolutionary Views.

For a 360-degree panoramic image of Senator Obama in East Lansing, click the photo below.

NOTE: this panoramic image is fully interactive, going all the way up, all the way down and all the way around. Use your mouse to drag in the direction you want to spin the image (including up into the sky and down to the ground.) You can also use the buttons to do these actions. Clicking “FULLSCREEN” gives the most dramatic effect, allowing it to fill your screen with a high resolution interactive panoramic image.


Below are some still shots from the speech at MSU along with some quotes taken directly from the speech.

Senator Obama is greeted and introduced by Michigan Senator
Debbie Stabenow

“As a basketball player I could not be more excited to be
at the site of one of the best teams in the country and…
having this jersey and having had a chance…to meet Coach
Izzo as well, I am just thrilled to be here, Spartans,
thank you.”

“We need a long-term rescue plan for our middle class.”

“I ask you to believe in yourselves … believe in each other. We can do
this. Americans have done this before.”

“Sen. McCain just doesn’t get it. But Michigan, you get
it and I get it, and that’s why I’m here.”

“We know the next four years don’t have to
look like the last eight.”

“I know you’re going to vote but you have to get your Aunt Pookie
out to vote and your cousin Ray-Ray sitting on the couch.”

“Next time, if you come to a 20,000-person rally, remember to eat
something before you get here!”

Can you spot my daughter? LOL!

In other Michigan news, a reporter for WWJ (950 AM), a 13 year veteran of the radio station, was fired for wearing an Obama t-shirt while covering the rally last Sunday.


I’m just sayin’…