Politics — October 23, 2008 at 6:48 am

Yard Sign Vandalism: The Cause, The Response & The Poll


There’s an artist in Ann Arbor. She loves Senator Obama but she hates knocking on doors, making phone calls and entering data. So she took it upon herself to raise several hundred dollars in donations and then made dozens of LARGE yard signs for the Obama Campaign for Change. For free.

We were lucky enough to score one of these beauties and proudly displayed it on the road in front of our house. It’s three feet tall and eight feet wide and very eye-catching.

Last Sunday, after returning from a weekend in southern Indiana for a funeral, we came home to find it vandalized.

When we got home, there was the usual note from our dogsitter with the visit report.

6:00 p.m. – Dogs happy to see me. But somebody ruined your little [Mark Schauer for Representative] yard sign. I brought it inside.

10:00 p.m. – Let the dogs out for the last time. Oh no! Somebody destroyed your BIG yard sign! I propped it back up the best I could.

Sure enough, inside, our Mark Schauer sign sat, bent up and mangled. I managed to straighten it out and we went out to look at the big yard sign which had fallen over again.

They had torn it off one of its posts and snapped the other post off entirely.

Thankfully we were able to repair it and now it’s proudly displayed again.

We live in a small town, a village really. The McCain campaign goes on and on and on about “small town values” and how they’re so glad to be visiting these “pro-American” small towns. At the same time, they are robocalling my neighbors telling them that Barack Obama is a terrorist and that he’s un-American.

My vandalized yard sign is nothing more than the physical manifestation of a rotten presidential campaign. Rather than proudly displaying their own sign, these vandals chose to tear down ours. It’s a perfect metaphor for the McPalin campaign.

Small town, pro-American values? Do those include democracy? Freedom of expression? Lawfulness? Honesty? Integrity?

Apparently not for the McPalin campaign.

If they vandalize our sign again, we’ll continue to put it back up, no matter how tattered or broken it becomes. I heard of a woman whose yard signs we’re constantly being stolen or trashed so she put up a sign that said, “Every time you steal or destroy my sign, I donate another $25 to the Obama campaign.”

Might just have to try that myself.

I’m just sayin’…

POLL: Have you ever had your yard sign vandalized? Tell us in the comments what you did about it or, if you haven’t, what you think you’d do about it. Be clever!