Obama, Politics — October 7, 2008 at 5:13 pm

Spinning Obama’s Victory Already?


Rich Lowry at the National Review is already spinning Obama’s victory over McCain. While I agree that the economic crisis has impacted McCain’s campaign harder, there’s a good reason for that: his party’s approach for the past eight years (and his actions in Congress) have done NOTHING to mitigate the financial meltdown we’re seeing. The fact that Obama has been speaking about it for a long time doesn’t help either.

But this cracks me up:

It wasn’t McCain’s fault that, after pulling even with Obama, a bunch of toxic collateralized debt obligations fell on his head. “Life isn’t fair” was McCain’s diagnosis of the politics of the financial mess the other day, and he’s right. Obama’s leadership during the crisis has consisted of standing out of the way and mouthing platitudes about the failings of the past eight years of Bush economics. His poll numbers are essentially unchanged on his ability to handle the economy. But all Obama has to do in this environment is not be a Republican.

Right. Obama’s got nuthin’. McCain is a victim.

Gimme a break. Obama has been inspiring millions of Americans for nearly two years now. He beat the most formidable political machine in America, the Clintons, with a solid message of Hope and Change and with thoughtful ideas on how to take the country forward. And Obama has shown for more calm leadership on the financial disaster than McCain’s lame flailings and erratic behavior. His grandstanding faux-suspension of his campaign was the pinnacle of his reactive, ready-shoot-aim approach to pretty much the entire campaign.

“Not being a Republican” sure helps. But to not give Obama credit for running a brilliant campaign for the past 20 months is nothing more than sour grapes.

I’m just sayin’…