Bwahahahahaha, Politics — October 25, 2008 at 9:16 pm

Smear Tactics Confuzzle the Proof Readers


It all started with Sarah Palin’s first declaration that Senator Obama was “paling around with terrorists”. But wait. May he was “palling around with terrorists.” No, that doesn’t look right.

Dang it. She’s gone and taken a noun and made a verb out of it and now nobody knows how to spell it.

The AP says it’s “palling”. So does the CNN and Christian Science Monitor.

But wait. CNN also says it’s “paling”. They’re not very consistent! And so does NPR. And the Washington Post. And ABC News.

It’s all so confusing. Of course, when you just make shit up, I guess that’s what you can expect. “Palling” looks like “galling” and “paling” looks like “baling”. Who knows what the right answer is?

I think I’ll take the easy route and just not mention it or write about it EVER AGAIN. That is gonna be the easiest thing I’ve (not) done in some time.

I’m just sayin’…