Politics — October 11, 2008 at 5:49 am

‘Osama’ Appears on Absentee Ballots


It’s bad enough that someone did this in the first place but to then to just brush it off like it’s nothing really takes the cake.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s last name is spelled “Osama” on some 300 absentee ballots mailed out this week to voters in Rensselaer County hilltowns.

Is it a Freudian slip, intentional gaffe or a mistake? Voters are sure to have opinions, and one politician pointed out that the letters “s” and “b” are not exactly keyboard neighbors.

“Of all the letters to hit by mistake,” County Democratic Chairman Tom Wade said. “Unfortunately it is a mistake which negatively impacts our Democratic candidate for president…”

Republican officials were apologetic. “We have three different staff members who proof these things and somehow the typo got by us,” said Republican Commissioner Larry Bugbee. “We really apologize.”

Sorry. I ain’t buyin’ it. Even if they did miss it, a point on which I am quite dubious, this was still an intentional act by someone along the way.

I’m just sayin’…