Politics — October 31, 2008 at 8:13 pm

Mrs. E.’s Midwest Battleground Tour


Mrs. E. undertook a two-day trip through the two Midwest battleground states of Ohio and Indiana last week. She stopped at the campaign headquarters of both Barack Obama and John McCain, and asked volunteers there the same question:

“What is it about this election year that inspires you to volunteer?”

Their answers along with a photo slideshow are now posted on the Huffington Post. I highly commend your attention to it. It’s a study in marked contrasts.

What you’ll see from the photos is an amazingly different approach to politics. With very few exceptions, Obama volunteers are highly motivated by their candidate, a man that inspires and invigorates them.

The McCain volunteers? They mostly appear to be motivated by a fear of Barack Obama. In one stop, there was literally a picture of Senator Obama with devil horns drawn on his head. The volunteer inside referred to him several times as “Obama bin Laden”.

Take a look at her essay. It’s a remarkable glimpse inside the campaigns being waged by both candidates in two of the most hotly contested states in the country.

If you think Obama can’t take Indiana or Ohio, you might change your mind after looking at her piece.

Here’s the slideshow (better than what’s in the HuffPo piece):

Color me proud.

I’m just sayin’…