Politics — September 23, 2008 at 10:04 pm

Welly Well Well Well


Well then. Today was an interesting day wasn’t it?

First, we had the Sarah Palin Does the U.N. show where she met with the Prime Minister of Afghanistan, with Henry Kissinger, and, of course, with Bono. There was a bit of a kerfuffle when, not making this up, McCain’s campaign said “no reporters”. Only still cameras. So the vice presidential candidate for the Republican party finally, after all these years, gets to meet a foreign dignitary and all we get are stills? CNN walked off the set and refused to cover her at all and so the McCain campaign finally relented and let a camera man in. For 29 seconds. Totally not kidding. 29 fucking seconds. Even Fox News is freaking out about it.

Then we had Tucker Bonds melting down in a morass of “up is down”, “black is white”, and “war is peace” rhetoric that looks more like a Saturday Night Live skit featuring Dana Carvey than it does reality. You really have to watch this and, keep in mind that, while you do, this if also Fox News.

“So, if it’s a serious issue, let’s go with John McCain and a proven record of doing it which is why I think voters are trending toward John McCain.”

Oh. Really. Trending toward John McCain? Really? Dana Tucker, dude, have you seen this?

That SOOOO does not look like people “trending toward” your candidate right now, Dana Tucker. Just sayin’…

Finally, today, John McCain did his first press conference in over a month and basically got his ass handed to him by a reporter who dared to show an extreme lack of deference by asking Senator McCain how he was going to pay for this bailout without raising taxes. There’s one snippet from the link below that took place during that press conference. It’s probably an unfair little snip but you have to admit that, if you had an weird old uncle that you only saw at Thanksgiving who acted like this, you wouldn’t let him get control of the tv remote, much less run the country. Go watch it HERE. Check out the first video especially. It’s painful.

I’m just sayin’…