Politics — September 15, 2008 at 8:29 pm

Theenks, But New Theenks


Governor Palin took a break from using her “Theenks, But New Theenks” line in her stump speeches last week. You know, when she was actually in Alaska. Where they know more than they probably care to about bridges to nowhere and stuff.

This week she’s back in the lower 48 and guess what? Yup. She’s back to theenking but new theenking again. Whatevs.

Probably distracts people from the fact that her husband got his ass subpoenaed along with a bunch of other people Ms. Palin had put a gag order on in the Troopergate scandal. Or the fact that she charged the taxpayers of Alaska a per diem to stay at her own home. Or the fact that she actually kept all the funds for the Bridge to Nowhere she claims to have single-handedly stopped. Or the fact that John McCain is lying to people on national television and telling them she never asked for earmarks as Governor.

Or the fact that the media is not letting the McPalin ticket get away with pure, unadulterated lying. If the comments on John Farrell’s blog at the conservative US News & World Report are any indication, the McPalin ticket is in serious trouble with much of their base.

Also, it would appear that the Palin Bump is starting to fade. The Daily Kos/Research 2000 tracking poll shows her favorability rating has dropped five points in the past week and her unfavorables are up eight points. Oops.

By the way, Virginia appears to be back in play, too. Obama 50%, McCain 46%. Ooo, now that’s gonna make things inneresting.

Seems to me that this country is beginning to say “Theenks, But New Theenks” to the McPalin team.

I’m just sayin’…