Politics — September 29, 2008 at 5:31 pm

Semi-Truck Barbie Doll


Andrew Sullivan just wrote this:

Palin is the Barbie doll attached to the front of a truck.

I couldn’t possibly agree more. McCain, et. al. have put her on the ticket for two reasons. First to appeal to uber-right conservative fundamentalist Christians. Second, more importantly and related to the first, to add a little sexy fun to the ticket.

Because, God knows, John McCain is neither fun nor sexy. Say what you want about his “sense of humor”, when he tells a joke, most often he’s the only one laughing and it’s with the creepy, wheezy laugh of his the creeps most people out.

I have read a lot of opinion pieces lately, mostly from conservatives, that say, IF she had brought some real political chops to the ticket, adding her would have sealed the deal for McCain. But, here’s the deal: without her being an unknown, the impact would have been muted. It was her relative lack of any public recognition that made her burst onto the scene with such fanfare.

If she had serious political credentials, she wouldn’t have been an unknown and she would have been a top-contender for the Veep spot all along.

So, in other words, she could never what they wanted her to be: an “unknown celebrity” with solid political credentials. Instead, she’s the big-headed, big-haired, big-eyed dolly on the front of a Mac truck.

I’m just sayin’…