Politics — September 3, 2008 at 5:24 pm

Proud Member of the “Angry Left”


George Bush this last night at the Republican Convention:

“If the Hanoi Hilton could not break John McCain’s resolve,” President Bush said in a brief satellite-linked address to the Republican National Convention here last night, “you can be sure the angry Left never will.”

Angry? Hell yeah. The Republicans, led by Bush and Cheney and their morally bankrupt administration have done so many things to damage this country that you bet I’m angry.

But, make no mistake: I’m not interested in breaking Senator McCain’s resolve. I just want to keep him and his reactionary, act-without-thinking-it-through, uber-conservative butt as far from the White House as I can.

He can stay as resolute as he wants. That’s of no interest to me.

Oh and, by the way, comparing your political opponents to the members of a regime that tortured our troops is pretty fucking low. What’s next? Calling us Nazi appeasers?

Oh. Wait. Nevermind. You already did that.

Loved this bit from The Stump at the New Republic website:

It was odd to see George W. Bush speaking to the convention remotely from the White House. He looked like a man in exile–or maybe a quarantined leper.

Incidentally, a friend emails wondering how Bush is allowed to give such a blatantly political speech from the White House grounds. Isn’t that a Hatch Act issue? Zinging the “angry left” seemed a particularly classless move from behind the presidential podium.


On a completely different topic, isn’t the Republican Convention the most lily-white, non-diverse crowd of Americans you’ve ever seen? It’s a stark contrast to the cross-section of the American public that was represented at the Democrat’s Convention. At the RNC it’s less Caucasian/African American/Asian/Hispanic/Old/Young/Gay/Straight and more Hawaiian Shirt/Cowboy Hat/Straw Hat/Blue Suit/Black Suit/Brown Suit/Red Tie/Blue Tie…

I’m just sayin’…