Politics — September 26, 2008 at 5:17 pm

Oh, This is Rich


From Politico’s fine reporting:

President Bush’s lame duck status, and his heavy hand in dealing with lawmakers in his own party for the last seven-plus years, is also coming back to haunt the White House, as House Republicans grumble that Bush is “trying to tear up the Constitution” by committing the federal government to such a massive intervention in the U.S. financial markets.

Oh, that’s just rich irony. Suddenly House Republicans are concerned about the “heavy handedness” of President Bush and are worried about him shredding the Constitution? Now? After eight years of doing it in so many other arenas?

House Republicans have no credibility on this issue. None. They have allowed the White House to run roughshod over the Constitution and over civil liberties for eight long years with nary a peep.

Their faux concern is pure politics and is as transparent as a pane of glass.

I’m just sayin’…