Politics — September 4, 2008 at 5:38 pm

More Thoughts on Palin’s Speech


* Did she really call herself “a Pit Bull with Lipstick”? Good thing the sexist mainstream media and Obama campaign didn’t do that! LOL

* She’s a maverick reformer? Really? What about those earmarks she bragged about??? The ones that McCain derided? That’s reform?

* Nobody is allowed to talk about her family but she brings her daughter’s boyfriend (the guy who knocked her up) to the convention and they pass around the special needs baby for photo ops with (1) Cindy McCain, (2) Dad, (3) the three girls including the littlest tot? It’s one thing to bring your family onstage for the obligatory convention family shot. It’s another thing to flaunt them, as if to dare the media to bring them up. Oh, wait. I get it. SHE can use her family to make political points but nobody else gets to mention them. Noted.

* She (and others last night) mentioned Democrats’ desire for bigger government and intrusion into our lives multiple times. Did they forget that government has swelled under the Bush administration and that our current administration has dramatically expanded government intrusion into our private lives through wire-tapping and domestic spying? Oops.

* Back to that reformer thing. Does anyone really think that with a running mate that voted with Bush 90+% of the time and who’s economic and foreign policy stances mirror what we’ve had for the past 8 years there’s going to be any kind of substantive change if they are elected? Really?

* Here’s something amazing: about 20 minutes before Palin spoke, the Republicans moved most of the men out from in front of the podium and replaced them with women so that the main floor was full and almost entirely women. But don’t say they’re pandering or manipulating ’cause that’s SEXIST!!!

* She said something about her husband being “quite a package”. Ooo! Sexy!

* She slammed “community organizers” in mockingly derisive tones. In the foreground were a zillion hands holding up signs that said “Service”. My friends, that’s priceless irony.

* She broke the bombshell news that McCain was a POW. Who knew?

* She’s being lauded as “a great speaker” by some of the same conservatives that have slammed Senator Obama for same damn characteristic. Hypocrisy much?

* This whole argument about “I’ve got more executive experience” than either of my opponents is ridiculous. She also has more executive experience than her running mate. What was his name again…?

* This country has been run for the past 7½ years by two men with loads of “executive experience”. Look where that’s gotten us…

* I’ll grant her this: she delivers a good speech. Even if it was written by Bush’s speechwriter and had to be changed to make it “less masculine” because it was mostly written before she was chosen to be whatshisname’s running mate.

* Whatever you do, don’t bring up her pastor or church because those kinds of things are off-limits in this campaign. And probably sexist, too.

* Did you notice how all those “handpainted” signs were in the same handwriting and all had the exact colored paints and slogans? So very spontaneous. This, of course, happens at ALL political rallies but it was far more obvious last night.

* Honestly, if one more Republican claims she’s got foreign policy credenitials because her state is “right next to Russia”, I’m gonna die laughing/puking. That’s like saying her being the “commander in chief” of the Alaskan National Guard gives her military experience. (In case you were wondering, it doesn’t.)

* It occurs to me that, after this attack-dog (with lipstick) speech, any suggestion that Joe Biden has to somehow go easy on her in their debate is ludicrous.

* Do you realize that most of the executive experience she has is as a mayor of a town with fewer people than were in the Xcel Stadium watching her speech last night?

* She said Obama has never introduced a single piece of important legislation? Really? You can tell that lie with a straight face? Really?

* She wants all parents of special-needs kids to know that, when elected, they’ll have a friend in the White House. Why is that? You’re going to help them out with legislation? That won’t involve using tax money or anything, right? Oh, good.

* They actually spelled out the word “nuclear” as “new-clear” in her telepromter speech because, like our eloquent president, she has a tendency to say it … uh … wrong.

Well, anyway, it was a good speech. You know. For a lipsticked Pit Bull.

I’m just sayin’…