Politics — September 7, 2008 at 12:22 pm

McPalin: Campaign of Irony


Are they just too stupid to realize the irony in so much of what they do? Does the McPalin campaign not understand the concept or are they simply too Goddamn dumb? I don’t get it.

Ms. Palin was speaking at an airport rally that drew thousands of wildly enthusiastic people in Colorado Springs, rock solid Republican territory, where the crowd waved a sea of American flags and chanted “Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin.” Mr. McCain and Ms. Palin appeared to the booming sound of Elvis Presley’s “A Little Less Conversation…”

Really? They’re playing THAT song when Governor Palin has been the nominee for several days now and is still refusing to take actual questions from living, breathing reporters? Is it to rub it in our noses or what?

Seriously, I just. do. not. get. it.

UPDATE: I stand corrected. They’re going to let her give an interview to People magazine. What a relief. We’ll finally get some answers to all of the gaps in what we know about her record, what she’s done, what she believes and what she and McCain have planned for our country. ‘Cause there’s no more definitive source for solid political reporting these days than People magazine, right?

Gimme a damn break, willya?

I’m just sayin’…