Politics — September 26, 2008 at 5:21 pm

Let the Cannibal Feast Begin


Wall Street money-handlers and the Republican Party have long been co-dependent partners. But, after this week? Ehhhh…not so much. Check out this email to James Pethokoukis at the US News and World Report (nicked from Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish (emphasis mine.):

I am a lifelong ( 51 years old) “rock-ribbed” conservative…. What an eye opener this week has been! I now realize what a blowhard Newt truly is by advocating the GOP bail on the Paulson Plan. As a professional money manager I can tell you I am shocked, dismayed and depressed that the Speaker would excoriate the GOP to abandon this plan which is URGENT and necessary to avoid a financial catastrophe that once commenced may be irreversible. The level of ignorance of financial and economic reality displayed by the Speaker , Rep. Boehner, Sen. Shelby , et al, has been frightening and sad. I thought the GOP had a better grasp of such matters than the Dems. Apparently not. And if this has been pure election gamesmanship as I suspect? The willingness to play politics with the U.S. financial markets is appalling and disgusting.

I am a huge Reagan fan and admirer.I have voted GOP every election since 1976. Until now. Today. September 25, 2008. As soon as I finish this email I am going to try and get my $1000 McCain/Palin credit card donation back as I will not be voting GOP this year after watching this circus and the theatres passing as leadership displayed by the GOP. I am embarrassed to have been an erstwhile supporter of this gaggle of self-serving jerks. I hope the GOP lose their asses come November. They shall deserve it.

Oooo…the burn. When the conservatives start feeding on their own, you know your campaign is in very, very grave trouble.

I love it.

I’m just sayin’…