Politics — August 25, 2008 at 6:32 am

The POW Defense


Well, folks, we may now be down to the final moments of any semblance of a dignified campaign from John McCain, if, in fact, you could call what he’s been doing “clean”. He’s now bringing out the “POW Defense” to rationalize his gaffe of not knowing how many houses he has (seven).

“I am grateful for the fact that I have a wonderful life,” McCain said. “I spent some years without a kitchen table, without a chair, and I know what it’s like to be blessed by the opportunities of this great nation. Cindy’s father, who barely finished high school, went off and distinguished himself in World War II in a B-17 and came back with practically nothing and realized the American dream, and I am proud and grateful for that, and I think he is a role model to many young Americans who serve in the military and come back and succeed.”

To paraphrase: “I’m was a tortured POW! You can’t say things like that about me! I get a pass on all this gaffe stuff!!!”

I think this vid, stolen from AMERICAblog, kinda sums it up nicely:

Won’t be long now before the Reverend Wright/Richard Ayers ads start coming out with McCain’s “I approve this message” stamp at the end. If he’s down to defending making idiotic mistakes by pulling out the POW card, it seems pretty certain that the bottom of the barrel has been found. All that’s left now is the bitter flailings of an old man crying “He’s WORSE! He’s SCARY! He knows some SCARY PEOPLE! Don’t vote for HIM, vote for MEEEEEEEE!!!”

I’m just sayin’…