Politics — August 14, 2008 at 10:55 pm

McCain: More Hypocrisy? Really? MORE?


Pundits have been criticizing Senator Obama for going on vacation now, rather than later during the Republican convention when he’s unlikely to get much press anyway. BTW, here’s a shot of the good Senator chillin’ in the “foreign, exotic” locale of Hawaii (yes, NPR’s Cokie Roberts actually called the state of Hawaii “foreign” and “exotic”“):

More vacation photos HERE

But I think it’s the best thing he could do. It puts the spotlight back on Senator McCain, a spotlight that (a) is long overdue and (b) is not showing him in a very flattering way.

First of all, he made the statement yesterday, and I’m not making this up, that “This is a very respectful campaign…I don’t think our campaign is negative in the slightest.” He actually said that! After ads depicting Senator Obama variously as a messianic wannabe, a over-hyped celebrity, someone who wants to lose a war and as unpatriotic, he actually said this.


This week, Senator McCain also made the statement “In the 21st century nations don’t invade other nations.”

Oh really? Like, oh. I dunno, say…America’s invasion of IRAQ???!

Seriously, dude, do you really think we’re that dumb that we can’t see the utter hypocrisy in such a statement?

Finally, McCain’s been out front in being confrontational against Russia in their invasion of Georgia. I’m no Russia fan, to be sure, but there’s room to argue that Georgia’s hands aren’t especially clean in this recent scary flare-up there. But McCain’s ready to incite further confrontation with Russia on behalf of Georgia, promoting a hostile stance in preference to calls for diplomatic resolution to this mess.

Well, guess who is McCain’s chief foreign policy advisor? It’s Randy Scheunemann, a lobbyist for the lobbying firm, Orion Strategies, who has been paid big dollars by the country of Georgia to lobby on Georgia’s behalf in the USA.

Wow. Conflict of interest much?

Ahhh, the blatant hypocrisy coming out of the McCain campaign is stunning. And without Senator Obama around to cover 24/7 this week, the media is finally getting a chance to report the reality behind the hypocritical words and actions of John McCain.

Yahoo to that.

I’m just sayin’…