Politics — August 30, 2008 at 11:13 pm

McCain COMPLETELY Loses It. Seriously.


I’m stunned. Really. Stunned. How fucking stupid is this guy?

McCain was scheduled to deliver his acceptance speech Thursday but now may do so from the devastation zone if the storm hits the U.S. coast with the ferocity feared by forecasters.

He’s going to hang out in New Orleans all week as it gets slammed by a Category 5 hurricane and then deliver his acceptance speech from the “devastation zone”.

If people didn’t think he was willing to be complete political whore by picking a political lightweight like Sarah Palin for Veep, this should be enough to convince them.

All those independents who were “on the fence” in this campaign? John McCain, in the past two days, has effectively pushed them off the fence.

The Obama campaign welcomes them.

I’m just sayin’…