Obama, Politics — August 1, 2008 at 5:33 am

It’s Like He’s Not Even Trying


This is an excerpt from a Rolling Stone article on the stands. It really makes you wonder if John McCain is actually “in it to win it” or just going through the motions.

If John McCain is known for anything, it’s seducing reporters and fostering the illusion of openness. But since he sewed up the GOP nomination, McCain has suddenly clammed up. “I’ve covered a lot of campaigns, and I’ve never seen anything like this,” says a techie from Fox News, lighting a smoke after a day on the trail. “Presidential-election campaigns, usually you’re working all the time. You get to the hotel at two in the morning, and you’re back on the plane at six. But McCain does one event a day. One event. It’s unbelievable.”

Despite his repeated boast that much younger reporters can’t keep up with him, McCain sets a remarkably languid pace, even for a septuagenarian. On a typical day, there is only one public event – a speech or town-hall meeting or an “avail”, meaning press availability. In the evening there is a fundraiser – or sometimes nothing at all. Everything else is flying time, or designated “downtime.” On the trail with McCain, “press pool” means the press retires to the hotel pool early most days. “We spend our lives sitting in hotel bars while he does fundraisers,” grumbles a reporter from The Wall Street Journal.

Robbed and transcribed from AMERICAblog.

He’s even got Senator Obama wondering, given his lack of, shall we say, campaign creativity. Really. Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton? Really? That’s all you got?

I guess when you’re over 70, you just pretty much phone it in. BTW, Senator Obama turns 47 next week.

I’m just sayin’…