Obama, Politics — July 29, 2008 at 6:16 am

The McCain “Obama Hates the Troops” Lie


Hoo boy. What utter shite. Barack Obama had intended to visit wounded military personnel in Germany while he was there. Because he was not traveling with other military advisers, the Pentagon told him that this leg of his trip could be construed as “political” and was against Department of Defense rules which prohibit political activities on their bases.

So, of course, John McCain latched onto this and came out with this piece of pure garbage suggesting that “He made time to go to the gym but canceled a visit to wounded troops. Seems the Pentagon wouldn’t allow him to bring cameras” It’s here and it’s nauseating:

(BTW, McCain himself hasn’t been to a single Armed Services Committee that discussed Afghanistan in the past 2 years. I’m just sayin’…)

Andrea Mitchell of NBC, in a rare moment for her, actually, grilled one of McCain’s surrogates on the issue and made the McCain campaign look like the bunch of political whores and liars that they are.

This whole “if they tried to stop me from visiting the troops, it would have been a ‘seismic’ event” stuff is so totally bullshit that I hardly know where to begin. First, had Senator Obama gone to see the troops, he would (of course) have been lambasted by the McCain campaign for using them as political props. When Obama makes the considered, intelligent choice NOT to do that, he hates the troops. Also, I hardly think McCain himself would have gone against the wishes of “the commanders on the ground” on something like this. In fact, in the past he himself was denied a visit to a military base just last April FOR THE SAME REASON.

Have you noticed in all of this that Senator Obama is not running anti-McCain ads and rarely even mentions his opponent when he’s giving speeches?

Obama is running for president. McCain is running against Obama. It’s really that simple.

BTW, MoveOn.org’s latest ad is awesome. I totally approve of their turn toward a more positive, less nasty approach. See for yourself:

I’m just sayin’…