Obama, Politics — July 22, 2008 at 9:17 am

The McCain Gas Price Lie


More lies about Obama from the McCain campaign. Straight Talk, my pale, white, pimply ass…

What the ad pins on Obama — and others who are “saying no to (new offshore) drilling in America” — are the price increases the country is currently enduring. That saddles the Illinois senator with a lot more influence than he has had. If one were to line up all the leaders in Washington who share some responsibility for the offshore drilling moratorium — the first President Bush, the Republican leadership of Congress, the Democratic leadership of Congress, the Florida delegation — there would be quite a few people ahead of Obama. We find McCain’s claim to be False.

It’s fun watching the McCain campaign resorting to ridiculous claims that nobody believes. Desperation is an ugly thing with a powerful stink.

And that’s just what this is.

UPDATE: Here’s the ad. It’s nauseating.

I’m just sayin’…