Politics — July 27, 2008 at 2:12 pm

Getting to Know the Real John McCain


Brilliant analysis of John McCain by Bob Herbert at the New York Times.

Senator McCain crossed a line that he shouldn’t have this week when he said that Mr. Obama “would rather lose a war in order to win a political campaign.” It was a lousy comment, tantamount to calling Mr. Obama a traitor, and Senator McCain should apologize for it…Can you imagine the firestorm of outrage and criticism that would have descended on Senator Obama if he had made the kind of factual mistakes that John McCain has repeatedly made in this campaign?

(Or if Senator Obama had had the temerity to even remotely suggest that John McCain would consider being disloyal to his country for political reasons?)

We have a monumental double standard here. Mr. McCain has had trouble in his public comments distinguishing Sunnis from Shiites and had to be corrected in one stunningly embarrassing moment by his good friend Joe Lieberman. He has referred to a Iraq-Pakistan border when the two countries do not share a border.

He declared on CBS that Iraq was the first major conflict after 9/11, apparently forgetting — at least for the moment — about the war in Afghanistan. In that same interview, he credited the so-called surge of U.S. forces in Iraq with bringing about the Anbar Awakening, a movement in which thousands of Sunnis turned on insurgents. He was wrong. The awakening preceded the surge.

Gaffe after misstatement after faux pas after inappropriate joke after brainless comment and McCain keeps on chugging along. If Obama were to do half of this stuff, he’d have been laughed off the campaign trail months ago. McCain does it and it’s all a big “ha ha”.

And then he complains that the media is in the tank for Obama.

Give me a damn break.

I’m just sayin’…