Politics — July 30, 2008 at 6:21 am

The 2008 Election is in the Can – For McCain


Okay, this is some scary shit.

Greg Pallast is an investigative reporter from the BBC and he’s teamed up with Ted Rall, a man who writes some pretty nasty little liberal cartoons, to peel back the layers and show how the 2008 election may just be already rigged to let John McCain win. When you look at how absolutely abysmally the McCain camp is running his campaign, well it kinda makes you shudder and throw up a little bit in your mouth.

First the cartoons:

Now for some data from Greg Pallast’s website:

* In swing-state Colorado, the Republican Secretary of State conducted the biggest purge of voters in history, dumping a fifth of all registrations. Guess their color.

* In swing-state Florida, the state is refusing to accept about 85,000 new registrations from voter drives – overwhelming Black voters.

* In swing state New Mexico, HALF of the Democrats of Mora, a dirt poor and overwhelmingly Hispanic county, found their registrations disappeared this year, courtesy of a Republican voting contractor.

* In swing states Ohio and Nevada, new federal law is knocking out tens of thousands of voters who lost their homes to foreclosure.

They’re looking for some money to help get this on prime time news. If you are interested in helping, go HERE.

I’m just worried…