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Michigan Big Energy firms working together to steer legislation to fatten their profit statements

If you listen to DTE Energy and Consumers Energy tell the story, Michigan is perched on the precipice of an impending energy crisis of epic proportions. New ads running television – over 400 in the past two months – tell us that, thanks to federal regulations, many of our coal-fired power plants will be shut down. The result, they suggest, will be a critical shortage of electricity in Michigan.

These are the sorts of ads you’ll see:

There’s another one HERE.

This media blitz is being put forth by a group called Citizens for Michigan’s Energy Future. The “facts” in the ad are based on a “policy brief” paid for by Consumers and DTE.…

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GUEST POST: An update on the Veterans Green Village project in Detroit

Last October, I wrote about an exciting new project in Detroit called the Veterans Green Village to bring green energy projects to the city and put military veterans to work. I have stayed in contact with Gordon Soderberg (pictured right) who heads up the project. His group has teamed up with the Motor City Blight Busters of Detroit to create the Veterans Village. I asked Gordon to give us an update of this exciting project.

You can keep up with the Veterans Village project on their Facebook Page HERE. The Motor City Blight Busters’ Facebook page is HERE.

Here’s Gordon’s update.…

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EVENT/INTERVIEW: Veterans Green Bus is in Detroit to teach vets sustainable energy skills and so, SO much more

“What I learned from my military experience is that…there’s no way this is sustainable and there’s gonna be one day when we go back and die for this stuff.”

I meet a lot of really terrific people in my travels but Gordon Soderberg is one of he most selfless, compassionate men I’ve met in a very long time. He has devoted his entire life to serving others; first through his military service and then, since then, in working in disaster response and in recruiting and training veterans in this field.

From working with Cindy Sheehan’s anti-war protest to being on the front lines after hurricanes like Katrina and Sandy hit, the common element for Soderberg was a large, retro-fitted bus, painted Army green.…

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BlueGreen Alliance launches “Repair America” campaign to repair crucial national infrastructure while creating jobs

Last week, the BlueGreen Alliance announced the launch of its “Repair America” campaign designed to push action on repairing crucial national infrastructure across the country and create thousands of valuable jobs in the process. The BlueGreen Alliance is a partnership of labor and environmental groups working to expand the number of jobs in the renewable energy sector. Over 100 people attended the kick-off event in Warren, Michigan.

The following guest post is from Sue Browne, the Regional Program Manager for the BlueGreen Alliance, which discusses the importance of the “Repair America” campaign.

Reconnecting the Mitten is a Key Opportunity

Progress on funding Michigan’s roads is currently at a standstill but the state’s roads continue to deteriorate according to recent headlines.…

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Federal study of energy & water issues is 8 years late – please sign the petition to move it forward NOW!

Ensuring our energy policy doesn't compromise our water supply

In 2005, President George W. Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (pdf) into law. This comprehensive law does everything from providing new subsidies and incentives for renewable energy production (like wind, solar, biomass, wave & tidal, and geothermal) and tax breaks for energy conservation improvements on homes to providing incentives for increased drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and exempting oil and gas producers from certain requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act. It even extended Daylight Savings Time by a week. There's a fine summary of this 551 page bill HERE. One of the components of the Energy Policy Act was Section 979 which compelled Energy Secretary to study the interaction and interplay of water-related issues and energy-related issues. The intent was to ensure that we fully understand how our country's energy policy impacts our water resources. The study is eight years late and there's a petition to sign to move it forward. Details are after the jump.
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Michigan Energy & Environment for Obama Team kicks off in Ann Arbor

And they’re off!

Last night the Michigan Energy & Environment for Obama Team kicked off its effort to reelect President Obama at the Arbor Brewing Company in Ann Arbor. Environmental luminaries from around the state were in attendance in cluding Ken Berlin, the Director of the National Energy & Environment Team.

Berlin told us that the team formed 18 months go because “The environment is under bitter attack and needs to be defended. No one is going to do that if we don’t do it ourselves.”

Berlin says that cap-and-trade, a concept that actually originated with Republicans, will not be possible for “a very long time” because the GOP is “bitterly opposed to it” now.…

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Wolvernine Power’s coal-fired power plant permit issued today

I have been following the plans by Wolverine Power to build a new coal-fired power plant in Rogers City, Michigan pretty closely. In May of last year, I blogged about the denial of their permit by the Granholm administration. Then, in April this year, I wrote about how the zombie power plant had risen from the dead.

Today, the zombie became fully alive. Here’s the email that just hit my inbox:

Dear Interested Party,

On June 29, 2011, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) approved the Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative, Inc. Permit to Install application for the installation of two 300-megawatt circulating fluidized bed solid fuel-fired boilers and associated equipment in Rogers City, Michigan.

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GOP to UN-Green the Capitol?

Remember when Ronald Reagan pulled down the solar panels installed on the White House by Jimmy Carter under the guise of routine maintenance and cleaning and then never put them back up? Well a similar effort may be underway.

When she took over as Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi initiated the “Green the Capitol” initiative. Incoming Republicans are eyeing undoing the Green the Capitol effort.

Now, Democrats are headed to the minority and Republican leaders – who were skeptical of Pelosi’s program from the start – are preparing to trim the House budget. So will Green the Capitol see its own “footprint” reduced by the new majority?…

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I’m dreaming of a GREEN Christmas

This is a reprint from last year that seemed timely. Enjoy!
Mrs. E and I are putting up our Christmas tree and decorations today so I thought a blog entry on the “greening of Christmas” might be a fun idea.

This blog entry will talk extensively about “Christmas” trees and decorations because the celebration of Christmas is one that most often involves the use of non-standard lighting decorations and trees inside the home. That said, anyone decorating with holiday lights or trees will find this discussion of interest.

There are two main areas where you can have a big impact on your carbon footprint around the holidays.…

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Fracking is SAFE! Just ask the “Energy Citizens”!

Last night, Rachel Maddow had actor Mark Ruffalo on last night to talk about fracking in New York and Pennsylvania. By now, you’ve surely seen the scene from “Gasland” where the guy lights his tap water on fire. This is due to fracking wells that pump chemicals and water into the bedrock shale to fracture it and release the natural gas. As Maddow points out, the fracking is done several thousands of feet below where the aquifer is which, apparently, leads to ignitable tap water.

According to Ruffalo, the Delaware River Commission is getting ready to put upwards of 30,000 wells in there.…

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