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Under Emergency Management Detroit Public Schools loses Headstart funding for nearly 1,000 kids

Back in 2012, Pontiac Emergency Manager Louis Schimmel signed an agreement with Oakland County to manage monies from a substantial HUD grant. That turned out to be a nearly disasterous decision that would have resulted in a loss of upwards of $800,000 per year for Pontiac. Thankfully, Congressman Gary Peters stepped in a saved the day (and the money.)

At the time Congressman Peters had this to say about the situation:

“Emergency managers come in and are focused on balancing budgets in the short term, and because of that they make decisions that aren’t necessarily in the best interest of the city,” he said.…
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The data is clear: Emergency Management not working in Detroit Public Schools

The EAA isn’t the only experiment being conducted on Detroit children

In all of the sturm und drang over Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s Educational Achievement Authority experiment with Detroit children, it’s easy to forget about the other experiment they are part of: state control of the Detroit Public Schools by an Emergency Manager. I’ve written reams on this topic but not much recently given that the EAA has sucked so much oxygen out of the room.

However, I haven’t forgotten about this and neither has my friend Dr. Thomas Pedroni, Director of the Leonard Kaplan Education Center for Critical Urban Studies and Associate Professor for Curriculum Studies at Wayne State University.…

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A comprehensive look at Michigan’s new(est) Emergency Manager Law, now with STABILITY & CHOICE!

I read this stuff so you don't have to

A mere 37 days after voters repealed Public Act 4, Michigan's notorious and anti-democratic Emergency Manager Law, Republican legislators passed a new version to replace it. It was signed into law as Public Act 436 thirteen days later. This defiant thumb-in-the-eye to the will of the voters was even more egregious since it contains two appropriations, one to pay Emergency Managers and another to hire consultants, lawyers, "work-out experts", and others to implement the law. These appropriations ensure voters won't have a chance to interfere with the business of our Very Serious GOP legislators on this matter again. So, what, exactly, is in this new law? Well, for starters, let's have a look at the title: "THE LOCAL FINANCIAL STABILITY AND CHOICE ACT" I'm not kidding. That's what they call it. It's surprising they didn't figure out a way to include the words "FREEDOM" and "INDEPENDENCE" while they were at it. You can read the law HERE (pdf). All the gory details of this new law after the jump.
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Judge smacks down Pontiac Emergency Financial Manager, says he’s running the city “like a dictatorship”

Some truth-telling from the judicial branch

Back in December, Pontiac Emergency Manager Lou Schimmel unilaterally decided to change the composition of the city's pension board from 11 to 5 members. He thought they were wasting time and money and felt his role as the EM gave him the ability to simply do what he wished. Yesterday, Oakland County Judge Rae Lee Chabot upheld a preliminary injunction filed by the pension board and reversed Schimmel's action. In her smack-down of Schimmel's move, she said "That’s what it looks like — it looks like a dictatorship where the (emergency financial manager) said, 'look, I’m going to turn over the board so there is no opposition.'" More after the jump.
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Judge sends Flint Emergency Manager Michael Brown packing – for now.

Take your victories where you can get them

Flint Mayor Dayne Walling

As I mentioned earlier, a judge had put a restraining order on Flint Emergency Manager Michael Brown due to potential violations of the Open Meetings Act. The hearing was this afternoon and, now that it’s over, Michael Brown is unemployed and Dayne Walling is mayor again. Not only that, everything Brown has done as Emergency Manager is reversed.

For now.

I have no doubt that the Snyder administration will simply go through the proper motions this time and redo the whole thing. I am sure that, within a month, Flint will have an Emergency Manager again.…

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Michigan judge bars Snyder administration from signing Detroit Consent Agreement – for now

Can’t win for losin’…

The Snyder administration was handed another in a long list of legal setbacks today as my now-favorite judge, Ingham Country Judge William Collette, smacked them down again.

Recall that Judge Collette had already issued a mighty smackdown to the Detroit Emergency Manager Review Team earlier in the month:

An Ingham County judge this afternoon ordered all 10 members of the Detroit emergency financial review team to appear in his courtroom March 12 to answer why they should not be held in contempt for attempting to evade his finding that the review team is subject to the Open Meetings Act by forming a smaller committee to meet in secret.
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Emergency Manager panel discussion in Ann Arbor – 3/19/2012

We all agree, this isn’t easy

Last night, the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan held a public panel discussion on Public Act 4 — Michigan’s Emergency Manager law. On the panel were Deputy State Treasurer for Local Government Services Roger Fraser, Chairman and CEO of Michigan Forward Brandon Jessup, Benton Harbor Emergency Manager Joe Harris, and Flint mayor Dayne Walling.

The four men gave opening remarks before taking questions. Roger Fraser talked about how the state really does not want to have to resort to an Emergency Manager and that PA 4 gives them the tools they need to act early, before one is needed.…

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The artlessness of the Snyder administration’s approach to imposing Emergency Managers

You don’t have to be a jerk about it

Last spring when I published exclusive audio of Benton Harbor Emergency Manager Joe Harris talking about crushing the unions, I was shocked at what he said and, more to the point, how he said it:

So, I’ve laid off twenty-five people. I’ve laid off nine police officers. I’ve laid off four fireman. I’ve haven’t’ done that yet but this Friday — after the townhall meeting. Oh, they know it’s comin’! They know it’s comin’! And I’ve laid off four EPW — I had nine major equipment or heavy equipment operators but only five pieces of heavy equipment.
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Negative reactions to the Detroit Consent Agreement come fast and furious

A Consent Agreement by any other name is still an Emergency Manager

Yesterday, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder presented a Consent Agreement to the city of Detroit. You can read the 26-page Consent Agreement HERE (pdf). HuffPo Detroit has a great run-down of the key parts of the Consent Agreement HERE. There’s some surprisingly egregious stuff in there. Whoa.

Here’s the rather straight forward, if not harsh, condemnation of the proposal by Detroit Mayor Bing:

I’m tremendously disappointed that this consent agreement proposed by Governor Snyder does not represent the spirit of partnership needed between the City and the State to resolve the City’s financial challenges.…
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Another metro Detroit-area city headed toward a Financial Manager: Allen Park

Dunt, dunt, dunt. Another one bites the dust.

In the never-ended steamroller crushing municipal debt, another Detroit-area city, Allen Park, appears to now be headed down the road toward the imposition of an Emergency Manager. This one may be voluntary.

The Allen Park City Council Tuesday voted unanimously to start the process that could put the city on track for an emergency financial manager.

Council members voted to draft a letter seeking the state to form a financial review team to determine if Allen Park faces a financial crisis. That could put the city in line for the appointment of an emergency financial manager.

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