Eclectablog on the radio – Wednesday, June 15, 7 am

I’ll be on First Shift with Tony Trupiano radio show in Detroit at just after 7 a.m. Wednesday morning if you’re up and around and interested in hearing my blatherings. I’ll be talking with Tony about the Pontiac EFM who just outsourced the city’s water treatment to a company facing a 26-count federal indictment for violations of the Clean Water Act. I’ll be calling in while in transit to Minneapolis for the annual Netroots Nation conference.

You can listed to it at AM1310 WDTW or at the website as a live stream.

See ya on the radio and all that.…

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Last day to contribute to Team Eclectablog’s Netroots for the Troops campaign

Okay, folks, one more time, this time with FEELING! Tomorrow I leave for Minneapolis to attend the Netroots Nation progressive bloggers conference. My Team Eclectablog thermometer stands at only 56% of my goal of raising $2,500 for this most-worthy cause. Please consider chipping in.

Every year at the Netroots Nation conference, a group of very hard-working, compassionate and caring people step up to help our men and women in the armed forces in an impressive way. They spend the year raising funds and soliciting contributions and then, in a several hour frenzy of activity, they assemble CARE packages to be sent to our troops in harms way around the world.…

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Washtenaw County kicks off effort to repeal EFM Law this Saturday

As you know, if you read my blog, this past spring, Michigan Republicans passed legislation that Governor Rick Snyder signed into law as Public Act 4 of 2011, otherwise known as “The Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) Law”. Although Michigan governors already had the ability to put EFMs in place in struggling cities and schools, this new law gives EFMs wide-sweeping new powers such as the ability to break contracts with unions and other groups and to dismiss local elected government officials.

Both of these things have happened. In Benton Harbor, EFM Joseph Harris relegated the City Commission to calling meetings, approving minutes and adjourning meetings – essentially becoming stenographers as he reconfigured city commissions and awarded city contracts to companies of his own choosing.…

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Pscholka recall rally in Benton Harbor this coming Saturday featuring Wisc. State Sen. Lena Taylor

On Saturday, June 18th, there will be a rally in Benton Harbor to kick off the recall of State Rep. Al Pscholka and to make sure Benton Harbor and what is happening there stays on the state and national radar screen.

Click the image to download the flyer

From the Facebook page for the event:

Come join us as we kick off the recall of Alton Pscholka on June 18th. There will be a rally followed by a cookout with plenty of petitions to go around!

Special guest speaker will be Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor who was one of the 14 legislators to leave the state during Walker’s crusade!

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Republicans intentionally sabotaging the economy for political gain

I’m not exactly sure why this is news. I and many others have been saying this since about spring of 2009. But, for some reason, some people, like prominent financial pundits/commentators, are just now figuring it out.

Intentionally driving the economy further into the ditch to harm the reelection chances of Barack Obama is immoral, unethical, anti-American, hypocritical and evil. That is your Republican party in 2011.…

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BREAKING: Michigan EFM outsources water treatment to company facing 26 felony Clean Water Act violations

I have a new piece up today at A2Politico that shows just how far Michigan’s CPA-style Emergency Financial Managers (EFMs) will go to cut costs.

Michael Stampfler is Pontiac, Michigan’s EFM. He has the dubious distinction of being the first Michigan EFM to use new powers granted by Michigan Republicans to cancel a union contract. What went nearly unnoticed was that last week, he dissolved the Pontiac Planning Commission and replaced it with a smaller number of his own hand-picked, unelected members. But he also did another thing. He made a contract for water treatment services with United Water Services permanent, outsourcing the water treatment to them and laying off city water treatment officials.…

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How Republicans view their female candidates

You have to hand it to the Republicans. Only they could take a Good Thing like encouraging more women candidates, even in the top races (like for president), and turn it into an argument about which beauty queen is the brainiest.

Rep. Michele Bachmann’s prospective 2012 campaign appears increasingly set on a collision course with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

The coming confrontation is being driven by a belief in Bachmann’s camp that the same grassroots, conservative primary voters and caucus-goers may have to choose between the two women—and that they will choose Bachmann if she presents herself as a more seasoned, reliable, and serious conservative than her high-profile rival.

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UPDATED: More Michigan Republicans facing recalls – tally now at 20!

Here’s what we have so far:

Pat Somerville (23rd House District)
Anthony Forlini (24th House District)
Jeff Farrington (30th House District)
Andrea LaFontaine (32nd House District)
Mark Ouimet (52nd House District)
Rick Olson (55th House District)
Dale Zorn (56th House District)
House Speaker Jase Bolger (63rd House District)
Al Pscholka (79th House District) – Donate to his recall effort HERE.
Kurt Damrow (84th House District)
Joel Johnson (97th House District)

Mike Nofs (19th Senate District) – Petition language just approved.
Judy Emmons (33rd Senate District)
John Moolenaar (36th Senate District)
Howard Walker (37th Senate District)

And now comes:

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville (17th Senate District)
Mike Green (31st Senate District)
Tom Casperson (38th Senate District)

UPDATE: Thanks to Longdaniel2 in the comments, I missed a couple more:

Mike Shirkey (65th House District)
Nancy Jenkins (57th House District)

If my abacus is working properly, that brings the total to 18 20 members of the state legislature looking to pay the price for their support of Rick Snyder’s Big Money GiveawayTM to his business pals.…

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