Correcting a misconception regarding No-Fault insurance “reform” in Michigan

I received this comment on my latest piece about impending No-Fault insurance reform in Michigan from “Jabbo”. It displays a complete misconception regarding this so-called reform that I think is worth dispelling.

I am all for the no-fault reform bill. I am tired of paying for other people to be irresponsible. I have worked since I was 12 years old and I am 43 now. It is my responsibilty to purchase adequeate coverages to protect myself and my family. Unlimited lifetime medical is to costly for the people that actually pay continuously for their insurance while others pay 1 or 2 payments and let their policies cancel but not before milking the sytem with fraudulent claims.…
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More disenfranchisement of voters by Republicans in Michigan

As I wrote about in my piece for A2Politico this week, the organizers of the recall effort against Republican state Representative Paul Scott was dealt a devastating blow last week when Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Clinton Canady granted an injunction barring the use of petition signatures that have been gathered. This was the only recall effort in Michigan to secure enough valid signatures to put it on the November 2011 ballot.

This particular recall was high-profile because Scott’s anti-teacher’s union activities in the legislature sparked the Michigan Education Assocation to get involved with the recall, donating money and resources to the effort.…

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We are the People rally for jobs at Stadium Bridge in Ann Arbor CANCELLED!

The We the People rally for jobs at the Stadium Bridge in Ann Arbor scheduled for this evening has been cancelled. I do not know the reason for this and have only been told “it’s a long story”.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.…

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Insane tea partiers are insane

Holy craptastic crap!

“I’m on strike!” – Ellis Wyatt, from the end of the movie “Atlas Shrugged, Part 1″, based on the novel by Ayn Rand

Resolved that: The Obama administration and the Democrat-controlled Senate, in alliance with a global Progressive socialist movement, have participated in what appears to be a globalist socialist agenda of redistribution of wealth, and the waging of class warfare against our constitutional republic’s heritage of individual rights, free market capitalism, and indeed our Constitution itself, with the ultimate goal of collapsing the U.S. economy and globalizing us into socialism.

Resolved that: President Obama has seized what amount to dictatorial powers to bypass our Congress, and that because the Congress is controlled by a Progressive socialist Senate that will not impeach one of their kind, they have allowed this and yielded what are rightfully congressional powers to this new dictator.

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More on Lord’s Resistance Army w/ a video response to Limbaugh from an LRA survivor

As I wrote yesterday, Rush Limbaugh criticized President Obama for sending 100 of our troops to Africa to help rid the planet of some of the most evil people alive. Here’s what he said:

Now, up until today, most Americans have never heard of the combat Lord’s Resistance Army. And here we are at war with them. Have you ever heard of Lord’s Resistance Army, Dawn? How about you, Brian? Snerdley, have you? You never heard of Lord’s Resistance Army? Well, proves my contention, most Americans have never heard of it, and here we are at war with them. Lord’s Resistance Army are Christians.…
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Rick Snyder offers a non-response to a constituent regarding impending No-Fault insurance reform

One of the many people who are working to ensure that Republicans do not hand a gift to insurance companies by “reforming” our state’s auto insurance laws wrote to Governor Rick Snyder. They asked him to veto any changes to our current law that would remove the requirement for lifetime benefits in the event of catastrophic injuries sustained in a car accident. As I wrote last week, this so-called “reform” is nothing more than a gift to auto insurance companies that not only will not save Michigan consumers money but will, in fact, increase our costs.

Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance is the GOP’s current target for reform.…
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Some views from last Saturday’s Occupy Lansing rally (VIDEO)

A great video shot by Doug Miller of Capture Me Films last weekend at Reutter Park and the state Capitol during the Occupy Lansing rally. Really good stuff.

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