Palin movie “The Undefeated” gets one viewer at its debut in Orange, CA: a reporter

I’m still giggling about this. Conor Friedersdorf from The Atlantic went to see the midnight showing of the new “film” about Sarah Palin called “The Undefeated”. He was the only one who watched the whole thing. The other TWO moviegoers left early.

It isn’t strictly accurate to say that I sat through the whole movie alone. Just as the previews started, two young women walked in giggling together and took seats three rows behind me. Afraid that they’d ruined the only story I had at that point — What If Sarah Palin Starred in a Movie and No One Showed Up?…
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Mich GOP kicks the poor while they are down, limits lifetime welfare to 4 years

Times are tough. People are out of work and many have been for a long time. You can almost imagine Michigan Republicans sitting around smoking cigars and drinking 20 year-old scotch wondering…wondering…

“Hmmmm…let’s see…we shortened the time they can get unemployment, slashed aid to the working poor, cut education, eviscerated labor unions (especially teachers hahahahahahaaa) and started taxing old people. Hmmm…what MORE can we do…? Wait! I got it! Let’s limit how long people can be on welfare!”

So, that’s just what they did.

More than 12,600 welfare recipients and their children will lose monthly checks averaging $511 effective Oct.…
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Why I will never post another word at

I was a bit dubious when I was asked to begin posting some of my stuff at I haven’t been a fan of the main site in a very long time and I detest most of what I see & hear from Jane Hamsher. But the new editor of the My.FDL site encouraged me, saying they were trying to get more sane commentary on the public part of the site and he thought I could help with that. He promised me my stuff would be “front-paged” every time I posted. I was reluctant to do anything that would bring eyeballs to her site and bring her more revenue but decided thought maybe I should give it a chance.…

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U of Mich prof and blogger Juan Cole sues CIA and FBI

A blow for blogger freedom is being struck this week in Michigan. University of Michigan professor Juan Cole, blogger at Informed Consent, is suing both the CIA and the FBI to obtain files they have on him that he believes were obtained from these agencies spying on him. The ACLU is joining him in his suit.

The American Civil Liberties Union and a University of Michigan professor filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the CIA and FBI that seeks files related to alleged attempts by the White House to smear the professor by digging up dirt on his personal life.

Filed in Detroit, the federal lawsuit asks the intelligence agencies for all files they might have that are related to Juan Cole, a history professor who lives in Ann Arbor and writes a blog about Middle Eastern issues.

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Tea Partier Kenneth Gladney who faked injury by “union thugs” loses in court

Yikes, this goes back a ways. Kenneth Gladney was a guy who attended at rally in St. Louis and claimed he was attacked by “union thugs”.

He had his day in court this week and, as Media Matters reports, he lost big time.

It took a St. Louis County jury less than 50 minutes to return a not guilty verdict in the assault trial featuring Kenneth Gladney and two union members who were charged with attacking him outside a two hall event during the tumultuous summer of 2009.

Original reporting by the St. Louis Post Dispatch is HERE.

This comes as no surprise to me.…

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GardenGate? Going to jail because of a vegetable garden? Only in Michigan…

THIS is unbelievable.

When Jason and Julie Bass had to rip up their front lawn to replace a pipe, they decided to rebuild it this spring with raised beds and filled them with vegetable plants.

Their front yard garden of cucumbers, tomatoes and peas has since landed the Oak Park couple a ticket, a court date and support from around the globe.


The Basses are scheduled to be in court July 26 and face misdemeanor charges for ordinance violation. If found guilty, they could face up to 93 days in jail.

Here’s what the oh-so-offensive garden looks like:

Photo credit: Julie Bass


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Wednesday afternoon kitteh break

Howzabout a break from all the crazy political insanity in my state? Our neighbor kitteh, captured by my wife last year.


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New Michigan GOP law will let children under 10 carry loaded firearms

Just when you thought the Republicans in Michigan had completely lost their minds, this week we find they had just a bit more of their minds to lose. On July 7, both the state House and Senate passed bills that will allow children under the age of 10 to carry loaded weapons to go hunting.

I’m not making this up.

“We need to do everything we can to get the kids interested in hunting and get them into it, and maybe starting at a little younger age will help do that,” [Howell Gun Club Vice President Darin] said.

The proposed Mentored Youth Hunting Program is outlined in Senate Bill 207, sponsored by state Sen.

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