Michigan Democratic Party’s “Engage Michigan” conference engages Dems’ ears – and not much else

This past Saturday, the Michigan Democratic Party held their “Engage Michigan” conference. It was billed as a “chance to have your say as we discuss everyone’s ideas for forging a stronger, more prosperous future for Michigan.”

It was anything but.

Let me start this off by saying I did not want to write this entry. I wanted to write an entry talking about how delighted I am that the MDP has finally gotten their groove back and their mojo working and is ready to move forward with implementing a new approach based on feedback from Democrats across the state. It’s well-known that I have been down on the state party leadership and their apparent lack of interest in and promotion of grassroots-level activism that is currently motivating most Democrats in our state and, indeed, across the country.…

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Social forum on Working People’s Power + Occupation Teach-In coming to Ann Arbor

Two events this week for folks interested in the We Are the 99%/Occupy movement.

The Washtenaw Community Action Team (WCAT) (part of the We Are the People Michigan coalition), Occupy Ann Arbor and Occupy UM will jointly hold a pair of events this week that address the Occupy movements and how local labor, students and community members can get involved to rebuild political power for working people.


What: Social Forum on Working People’s Power

Where:Kalamazoo Room of Michigan League

When: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 – 7:00-9:00pm

The forum is the culmination of a two-month, two part film series The Power of Working People held at 4 locations in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor.

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Michigan Nurses hold townhall mtgs for Camp & Upton…since they won’t hold their own

The Michigan Nurses Association are the cutting edge of activism once again. Check out their latest events (and, yes, YOU are invited):

Since Rep. Camp Won’t Hold Citizens Town Hall, Nurses Will Do It For Him on Monday
Monday’s event gives citizens opportunity they’ve been denied by supercommittee member

MIDLAND – Since Congressman Dave Camp of Midland has denied multiple requests to hold a public town hall to listen to residents’ input about the decisions he will make on the supercommittee, members of the Michigan Nurses Association will do it for him Monday evening.

While failing to hold a public town hall for his constituents since his appointment to the supercommittee – including this week, while Camp was home during the congressional break – Camp has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for his re-election campaign from Wall Street corporations and special interests.

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Photos from memorial of Ace the pit bull from Detroit

Here are still photos taken by my wife Anne C. Savage during last night’s memorial for Ace the pit bull from Detroit. Ace was reported to have been euthanized yesterday despite a court order NOT to. Click any photo to see more and larger versions at Anne’s blog. I encourage you to read her commentary on this situation. Here’s a snippet:

I know the stray animal problem that exists in Detroit and in most cities is not an easy problem to fix and it may never be completely corrected. However, what I do know is that this problem involves living, breathing things that suffer like all of us.…
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Memorial for Ace the pit bull in Detroit

Here is video from tonight’s memorial for Ace the pit bull from Detroit (backstory HERE.)

About 150 local pet rescuers and animal lovers showed up to mourn the passing of Ace who was euthanized by the Detroit Animal Control staff. Based on the way things have played out, it seems pretty clear that Ace was actually euthanized almost immediately after entering the shelter and the DAC staff have been covering it up ever since. Ace was supposed to have four days before he was put to sleep (by law), but nobody had seen him once he entered the facility and, when the owner came forward to reclaim him, she was shown an entirely different dog than first seen in the photos.…

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Ace the pit bull from Detroit has been euthanized

From Fox News Detroit:

A story people around the world have been following involving a pit bull who was found lost, alone, and hungry — at a hardware store, over the weekend.

He was nick-named “Ace” and has been at the center of a controversy surrounding his well being since the day he was found.

He was taken by animal control and slated to be euthanized. But people all over expressed outrage, demanding he be saved.

Late yesterday a judge issued a stay of execution, banning any pit bulls from being killed until a hearing next week.

However Fox 2 has just learned that Animal Control put ‘Ace’ to sleep.

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Make it viral! Gretchen Whitmer reads Michigan Republicans the riot act. Epic!

State Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer is on a tear lately. After dressing down Republicans for their passage of an anti-bullying bill that was anything but last week, today she read them the riot act for going on a two-week deer hunting season vacation when they have so much left undone.

To my colleagues: we are poised today to leave the Capitol for a two-week vacation. Before we do, though, I ask a very simple question: what in the world has this chamber accomplished that warrants taking a vacation? Michigan unemployed workers won’t get a vacation. Our families and seniors won’t get a break.…
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Candlelight vigil for Ace the pit bull in Detroit TONIGHT!

The various groups working to save Ace and the other animals housed at the Detroit Animal Control (DAC) facility are having a candlelight vigil tonight in front of the DAC. As of this writing, over 620 people have said they will be attending. From the event’s Facebook page:

Candlelight vigil for Ace
Thursday November 10, 2011 – 7pm-10pm
Outside of the D.A.C.
3511 West Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI

Bring a candle to light and one for a friend who might need one. This needs to be a PEACEFUL gathering of concerned citizens, to bring LIGHT to the fact… that there are people who support Ace and want to bring about positive change in the City of Detroit and want to do it peacefully and professionally.

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