MI GOP Sen calls PR Exec a “hooker”, Gretchen Whitmer responds & GOP strategist calls her a “govt hooker”

Last week, Senator and serial sexist Rick Jones from Lansing called public relations executive Kelly Rossman-McKinney a “hooker”. Brian Dickerson of the Detroit Free Press describes the situation:

[Senator Jones] likened longtime Lansing public relations executive Kelly Rossman-McKinney to “a hooker” in the Michigan Information and Research Services’ widely read Capital Capsule, a daily report on state government news.

Rossman-McKinney, a self-described “tough old broad” who has worked in both houses of the Legislature and three executive branch departments, has been a fixture in the state capital for decades. She’s about as thin-skinned as a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and she says she figured Jones would swing back after she named him one of Lansing’s Biggest Losers of 2011 in an another MIRS interview.

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Michigan Presidential Primary Follies

The following is a guest post by Mark Miller, chair of the 6th District Democrats and Kalamazoo Township Trustee. It first appeared at Blogging for Michigan and contains useful information for ALL Michigan Democrats.

Across Michigan, absentee ballot applications for the Feb. 28 Presidential Primary are even now being received by many permanent absentee voters, and some of them, if they are Democrats, are scratching their heads and wondering why they heard something about a party caucus in May, and what the connection is, if any. We are already receiving calls at our County Party headquarters about this.

Many more Democratic voters, of course, have heard nothing about a caucus and are simply planning to vote in the Feb.…

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Julie Mack at MLive.com asks “If not emergency managers, then what?”

Julie Mack at the Kalamazoo Gazette has a piece titled “Are emergency managers part of the problem or part of the solution?” that quotes me extensively and asks, if not an emergency manager, then what is the solution to our failing cities’ problems?

You can vote on the answer HERE.

Two comments to Ms. Mack: characterizing me a just a “Dexter chemist” is a little disingenuous. I’ve followed this issue closer than nearly anyone else and have written extensively about it. My day job as a chemist is irrelevant.

Also, nobody is claiming that Emergency Managers are “part of the problem” of solving the financial emergencies these cities face.…

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My debut on “Blog Role” on First Shift with Tony Trupiano this morning

If you’re near a radio or computer or smart phone this morning at 8:35 a.m. Eastern, be sure to tune into First Shift with Tony Trupiano to listen to the new segment “Blog Role”. It’s on AM 1310, WDTW. You can stream it live from the First Shift web page, as well. If you have a smart phone, you can use the iHeartRadio app which allows you to stream it live over 3G or wireless.

Christine Barry of Blogging for Michigan kicked it off last Monday and we’ll be alternating Mondays from here on out.

On tap this week: Emergency Managers and Public Act 4.…

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A moment in the day in the life of a dog

We call this the “In and Out Game”. Our dog and our cat both play it.

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The “reasonable” Republican dilemma

It has got to be tough being a moderate, reasonable Republican these days. Sitting here watching the skabillionth Republican primary debate, the only person that is even close to being reasonable is Jon Huntsman and he doesn’t have a prayer of getting the nomination.

I think we’re going to begin seeing a LOT more things like this piece by a moderate Republican named Jeff Wartman: Why I’m leaving the Republican Party…and Endorsing President Obama..

I’m leaving the Republican Party. No longer can I say with a clear conscience that the Republican Party is focused on solving problems will benefit average Americans.…
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My op-ed in the Muskegon Chronicle: “Emergency manager law an assault on democracy”

Earlier this week, the Muskegon Chronicle published an op-ed by Steve Gunn, the conservative Communications Director of the anti-teachers union Education Action Group. In his op-ed he places the blame for the financial catastrophes happening in Michigan cities and school districts at the feet of unionized public employees.

The people who hate the [Emergency Manager] law want you to believe it’s an attack on middle class Michigan residents. The fact is that the law supports middle class residents by giving local governments the resources they need to meet their commitments to the public.

This fight really pits the vast middle class against the very small but extremely powerful public service labor unions.[…]

That means local municipal workers may keep getting their annual raises and reimbursement for unused sick days while vital government services are cut.

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I was born a poor blah child

By now you’ve likely heard about Rick Santorum‘s offensive statement to a group of supporters in Iowa.

“I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money,” Santorum begins. “I want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn the money and provide for themselves and their families.”Santorum did not elaborate on why he singled out blacks who rely on federal assistance. The voters here didn’t seem to care.

Here’s the video:

Santorum is now denying he said “black people”. According to him, what he really said was (I still cannot believe this) “blah people”.…

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