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Netroots for the Troops 2012 recap – blood was spilled (PHOTOS)

It’s what we do

The Netroots for the Troops 2012 went off almost entirely without a hitch. Although, due to a lack of donations this year, we were only able to pack 150 boxes, half of what we’ve done previously, it was still a wonderful thing to behold.

[Photos by Anne C. Savage (with watermark) and angelajean (without watermark)]

Here we are, staging the boxes and their contents:

This year, we did only one line down the table and slowed things down to make it less frenetic and more enjoyable. Also, because the boxes were just so danged full this year, we had a major bottleneck at the taping area as nearly everyone had to repack their box more efficiently.…

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New Disqus commenting system on Eclectablog – what do YOU think?

How ya like me so far?

About a month ago, I became a beta tester of sorts for the the new Disqus commenting system. It's a fairly substantial upgrade from the previous version and, so far, I think it's working out well. After the jump is a video about the newest upgrade that shows you the new features.
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Michigan House Republicans delay vote on anti-choice legislation in the face of huge protest at state Capitol

We're watching and we vote

State House Republicans today tabled a vote on a package of anti-woman, anti-choice bills that is being called the most regressive legislation of its kind in the country. With hundreds of protesters filling the Capitol building and grounds, mostly women dressed in pink t-shirts sporting the phrase "Women are watching and we vote", a vote scheduled today was tabled. Photos and video after the jump.
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Netroots Nation 2012 recap

Whew! That was intense!

28 hours of driving and over four days of intense networking and progressive liberal immersion later, I'm finally catching my breath from Netroots Nation 2012. This year my wife and blogging partner Anne joined me and was a staff photographer for the event. She took over 5,000 photos and we'll have photoblogs rolling out over the next few days. Some of the highlights for me after the jump.
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Signatures to recall Troy Tea Party Mayor Janice Daniels will be filed TODAY!

It’s time to knock this crazy train off the rails

Troy, Michigan Mayor Janice “Woohoo” Daniels is facing a recall and today recall organizers from Recall Janice Daniels will turn well over the required 7,985 signatures needed to put her recall on the November ballot.

“Appearing” on the First Shift with Tony Trupiano radio show this morning, organizer Matt Binkowski said the group will turn in roughly 9,300 signatures — a nearly 15% excess. Not only that, the signatures were collected by an astonishing 125 volunteers. He told Trupiano that, two times out of three when organizers presented the petition to someone on the street, they signed it.…

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I Love America

I Love America

Or, Why I Vote Democrat

We didn’t have graphic novels when old ass LOLGOP was growing up. You could get a super-sized Archie or a book of Peanuts. But they didn’t have anything good like that in Germain Street School’s library. It was mostly encyclopedias, novelas about horses and picture books. What they did have was a small display shelf that held a series of books that told the biographies of the Founders in a comic book style.

There were all kinds of things wrong with these books. Chiefly they generally ignored the greatest moral error of the era: slavery.…

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Planned Parenthood of Michigan protests anti-abortion legislation at Michigan Capitol TODAY! 1 p.m. (and MORE)

It’s time to get involved in the Michigan front in the GOP War on Women

Today at 1 p.m., Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan are holding a huge protest against the Republicans who are pushing to enact the most restrictive, anti-choice, anti-women legislation in the entire country. It takes place at 1 p.m. at the State Capitol building.

The Michigan House is set to vote today (Tuesday, June 12) at 1:30 p.m. on a package of bills (HB 5711 – 5713) that are an overreaching and unprecedented attack on women’s reproductive health care. After being silenced during a hearing on the bills before the House Committee on Healthy Policy last week, protesters plan to converge upon the capitol at 1 p.m.…
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Obama campaign now attacking Romney on two fronts: private & public sector employment record

How fail is Mitt Romney? Let me count the ways.

We all know how hard it is to pin Mitt Romney down. That's why, when he's attacked on his private sector job growth history -- and by "growth" I mean "you call that growth?" -- he pivots to talking smack about public sector employees. Rather than trying to keep up with his dancing, weaving and bobbing, the Obama campaign is simply hitting him on both fronts simultaneously.
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