Republicans say “no new taxes” – for 30 of the most-profitable companies, that means NO taxes at all

I’m getting a bit weary of the obnoxious political commentary suggesting that the Occupy movement is full of spoiled brats with plenty of money. The reality is that many people in the middle class, people like me, for instance, are one or two missed paychecks from losing everything. President Obama and the Democrats want to put people to work on infrastructure building and repair but the Republicans won’t let it through because it puts a paltry 0.7% tax on the super-wealthy. Frankly, these people wouldn’t even notice it but it’s a bridge too far, so to speak, for the plutocratic GOP.…

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Detroit Mayor Bing latest official to use threat of Emergency Manager to gain union concessions

Back in July, the superintendent of Northville Public Schools used the threat of an Emergency Manager to try to force union concessions.

Now it’s Detroit Mayor Dave Bing’s turn. Bing is threatening to bring in an Emergency Manager, too, and for the same reason.

The City of Detroit is sliding closer to insolvency and may soon require the intervention of a state-appointed emergency manager, Mayor Dave Bing told council members behind closed doors, according to sources who were in the meeting.

As pension and health care costs continue to skyrocket, Bing said, the city is quickly running out of money.

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The White House is really starting to get it on messaging

Check this out:

That single graphic conveys an enormous amount of information about President Obama’s jobs plan in comparison with the “jobs plan” of the Republicans.

This is the kind of stuff they need to be doing year-round, not just during campaign season. LOVE it.

H/T Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog…

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Calling ANN ARBOR-area progressives: Petition drive for the repeal of Public Act 4 NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!

The effort by Michigan Forward to repeal the odious Emergency Manager Law in Michigan (Public Act 4) is nearing the final stages. However, they are still short of the necessary signatures to put this on the ballot in February. Many of the folks who were working the hardest on signature gathering over the summer were teachers who have now gone back to the classrooms.

This is where YOU come in. If you are in the Ann Arbor-area, we need YOU to sign up to collect signatures. You can do so by heading over to this Google spreadsheet and signing up to help collect signatures at polling places all over the state on Election Day next week — Tuesday, November 8th.…

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President Obama hands the GOP as much rope as they can carry

Senate Republicans today blocked a vote on yet another one of the components of President Obama’s jobs plan today. This one would have invested $60 billon in building and repairing our nation’s crumbling infrastructure and was fully paid for by a 0.7% (!!!) surcharge on income over $1 million. A bridge too far for Republicans, apparently.

Republicans in the Senate Thursday dealt President Barack Obama the third in a string of defeats on his stimulus-style jobs agenda, blocking a $60 billion measure for building and repairing infrastructure like roads and rail lines.

Supporters of the failed measure said it would have created tens of thousands of construction jobs and lifted the still-struggling economy.

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Rick Snyder & Public Act 4 dealt another blow from the Michigan Supreme Court

Back in August, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder sought to bypass the normal court process and asked the Michigan Supreme Court to make a decision on the lawsuit challenging Public Act 4, the so-called Emergency Manager Law. (Details on the lawsuit filed by the Sugar Law Center and the Center for Constitutional Rights can be found HERE.)

Sugar Law Center proceeded to file a response challenging that request in September.

Today the Supreme Court spoke and the news, once again, is not good for the Governor. (I say “once again” because the Supreme Court already smacked down Governor Snyder just last week.) Instead of accepting Governor Snyder’s request to bypass the normal judicial process, they have asked both parties to submit briefs in support of their positions regarding the Governor’s request.…

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Rick Snyder takes credit for Jennifer Granholm’s investments and their economic payoff, says he isn’t

During her time as governor, Jennifer Granholm made significant investments in diversifying and expanding Michigan’s economy. These things take time to have their impact but, according to a new study, they are. Michigan is second in the nation in recovering from the recession.

Michigan’s economy is recovering from the recession at the second-fastest pace in the U.S., lifted by reviving carmakers and local manufacturers, according to a new index of state growth.

The home of Motown was topped only by North Dakota, where an oil boom is raising incomes at the nation’s quickest rate. California, Massachusetts and Illinois round out the top five in the new Bloomberg Economic Evaluation of States Index.

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No jobs bill but Congress has time to honor White Castle

I’m begining to come to the sad realization that our Republican-led US Congress is completely hopeless. They haven’t introduced a single jobs-creation bill but have time for all sorts of frivolities like honoring cheap, crappy fast food.

Rep. Steve Stivers (R-Ohio) on Tuesday honored White Castle with a congressional tribute to the “tasty little burgers” and the company that serves them (which is, of course, based in his home district). “White Castle is truly an American original and is inspiring because it is a story about the successs of the American Dream,” Stivers enthused in the tribute, which he submitted for the congressional record.…
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