Northville unionized teachers take a huge hit in their latest contract, Detroit union members fight back

Remember me writing about how Northville, Michigan teachers were being threatened by the imposition of an Emergency Manager as they moved into contract talks?

This scenario was entirely predictable.
The latest call for an emergency manager in Metro Detroit is coming from an unlikely place — the affluent Northville Public Schools.

Stalled contract negotiations between administrators and employees have school board members discussing the possibility of seeking an emergency manager, which under state law must be appointed by the governor.

Emergency managers have the power to void union contracts, remove administrators and take all control of the district’s actions.

The two sides have until the second week in August to come to terms on a two-year collective bargaining agreement.

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Snyder administration in freak-out mode over legal challenge to the Emergency Manager law

If there was any doubt about whether or not the Snyder administration was freaking out about lawsuit by Sugar Law Center challenging the constitutionality of the Emergency Manager law (PA 4), this should remove all doubt.

CONTACT: Tova Perlmutter or Frank Joyce 313-993-4505

Snyder Wants High Court To Rule
on Emergency Manager Law

Sugar Law Calls Move To Bypass Other Courts ‘troubling’

DETROIT– The Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice, which has filed suit challenging Michigan’s emergency manager law as unconstitutional, said today that they will oppose Gov. Snyder’s request to bypass normal court procedures by having the state Supreme Court take immediate control of the case.

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Losing our voice in how our communities are developed

In March of 2008, Governor Jennifer Granholm signed into law legislation called the Michigan Planning Enabling Act (Michigan Public Act 33 of 2008.) This new law replaced three separate laws governing planning for municipalities, townships and counties, bringing their separate provisions into one unified law. Among other things, PA 33 changed how counties must set up their Planning Commissions, requiring that they be created by and ordinance rather than by resolution as required by the original 1945 law. Counties are not required to have an Planning Commission but, if they do, PA 33 has specific directives regarding the number of members, how frequently they must meet and their responsibilities regarding the formation of county-wide Master Plans for development.…

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White boy got (bad) dance — all over the world

This is a few years old but it’s the first I’ve seen it (H/T Rhoda A.) It’s Matt Harding from Where The Hell Is Matt?. He danced his white butt all over the world. And I do mean all over the world.

Check it out:

Matt is a 34-year-old deadbeat from Connecticut who used to think that all he ever wanted to do in life was make and play videogames. Matt achieved this goal pretty early and enjoyed it for a while, but eventually realized there might be other stuff he was missing out on. In February of 2003, he quit his job in Brisbane, Australia and used the money he’d saved to wander around Asia until it ran out.…
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Help out a buddy for me? All he needs is your vote NOW!

A friend of mine has a remix of Alicia Keys’ “Rock Wit U” in a competition and is on the event horizon of 1st and 2nd place. So, how can you all help, you ask? Easy, you just have to vote for him. With YOUR vote, he could be firmly in first place. Gotta do it NOW, though because voting ends today.

Friends and families,

I write to you today to ask a small favor. As many of you know I’m not just a parasite-child leeching off of my parent’s money for no reason, you see, I’m also musician who is lactose intolerant and could be suffering hair loss, psoriasis, diabetes, or just hypochondria.

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Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore voted “Most Beautiful Place in America”

I can’t believe they’ve gone and told everyone:

LEELENAU COUNTY — Sleeping Bear Dunes is voted the Most Beautiful Place in America, according to a contest held on Good Morning America, where the winner was announced this morning.

“Tens of thousands of viewers voted online for this Michigan park, which is one of the nation’s best-kept secrets,” GMA said.

“The hidden gem boasts 64 miles of beaches along Lake Michigan, two islands, 26 inland lakes, more than 50,000 acres of land, and the monumental sand dunes from which it gets its name.”

Anne and I were married there eight years ago this Sunday, right on the beach of Lake Michigan at a spot called Sunset Beach.…

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Tim Walberg doesn’t understand what “religious” means. And he’s still a birther.

Oh, for cryin’ out loud. I cannot believe this idiot is my representative in Washington, D.C. He apparently, has no clue what “religious” means and, guess what, he’s still a freaking birther.

Walberg criticized President Obama for his approach to defending Israel, saying Obama, “doesn’t get it.”

Invoking what he called “biblical history and imperative,” Walberg said, “I want God’s blessing on this country and that blessing that’s on Israel as God’s chosen people will be carried out to this country as well. That’s not religious, that’s historical and I will stand with that,” Walberg said.

“That’s not religious”? Eh?…

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More fake “concessions” by Rick Snyder and Michigan Republicans

I’ve written in the past (HERE and HERE) about how Rick Snyder uses a tactic of making draconian cuts to specific programs then dials it back a bit (but not all the way, of course) and calls it a “concession”.

Well, he’s doing it again:

As part of his agenda to reinvent Michigan, Gov. Rick Snyder reshaped revenue sharing, a pot of money for cities, counties and townships to pay for everything from police and fire service to road repairs. He kept one-third of the pot of money intact and cut $100 million — about one third — to help balance the budget.…
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