Michigan GOP continues its attack on teachers – pensions & healthcare now on the chopping block

Why would ANYONE want to be a teacher in Michigan???

Last month, I wrote about the latest attack on teachers in Michigan, an effort to strip benefits and cut into their pensions. Facing an unfunded liability of over $45 billion, Michigan Republicans are set to take it out of the hides of teachers with Senate Bill 1040. The bill will take $380 million from teachers in the first year alone and reduce the unfunded liability by $7.6 billion (Senate analysis HERE.)

The Michigan Education Associate (MEA) has a good analysis of the bill HERE and HERE. They note that this effort is in addition to the 3% increase in teachers’ contributions to their health insurance enacted in 2009.…

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Mitt Romney is Exactly What’s Wrong with the American Economy

How the financial class broke America.

I like to say that Mitt Romney made his millions betting against American workers. It isn’t the greatest Romney-attack line ever. (That belongs to Ted Kennedy who said, “He isn’t pro-choice or anti-choice. He’s multiple choice.”) But it makes a point you can’t hear enough.

Romney had a record of devaluing American workers and work. He offshored and outsourced jobs. Even as he was running for President of the United States, he did not instruct his blind trust to only invest in the United States. He still opposes saving the auto industry because it didn’t punish workers enough.…

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When you’re a foot soldier in the War on Women, even dirt clods & spit balls look like ammunition

A tale of an Obama surrogate who isn’t

This is the Week of the Woman™ for the Romney campaign and Mitt is going whole hog trying to prove that it is he, not President Obama, who is the pro-woman candidate (maybe I should pause while you stop laughing.) His chief advisor in this effort is, apparently, his wife Ann, pictured here from the Americans for Prosperity forum in Troy, Michigan not long ago.

Yesterday, a teapot tempest erupted when Hilary Rosen (I know, I had never heard of her either) said on CNN that Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life” so wasn’t qualified as an economic advisor.…

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Recall effort against Troy, MI tea party mayor Janice Daniels has 1/3 of the signatures needed

Don’t get too comfy, Mayor Daniels

The team of people working to recall Troy, Michigan’s woo hoo Tea Party mayor Janice Daniels is well on their way to having enough petition signatures to recall the mayor whose efforts are driving businesses out of Troy.

From this week’s press release;

The Recall Janice Daniels initiative has reached a major milestone in the effort to remove Troy Mayor Janice Daniels from office. In the first 3 weeks of the effort, more than 33% of the 7,985 signatures have been collected and verified.

The Recall Janice Daniels team has until June 15th to collect the required signatures.

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Happy Birthday, RomneyCare

How Mitt Romney sold out his greatest achievement in search of a talking point

I’ve often said that Mitt Romney running against ObamaCare is like Madonna running against Lady GagaCare. ObamaCare is a tribute to what worked in RomneyCare made national.  It is already helping save many of the 45,000 Americans who die every year for lack of insurance.

Yep. When ObamaCare passed, 45,000 Americans were dying every year for lack of health care. A preventable 9/11 every month.

When it was signed into law 6 years ago today, RomneyCare was a centrist solution to get nearly everyone covered by health insurance.…

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Mitt Romney checked: turns out he supports equal pay for women (sorta)

Sam, we’ll get back to you on that

Yesterday, when asked if Mitt Romney supports equal pay for men and women doing the same job, his campaign team didn’t have an answer. They had to check to see if he actually support women’s rights or not. The shocking thing about this is not that they weren’t sure. It’s probably hard to know when you’re a Republican these days and you’ve spent such enormous energy going after the rights of women in so many different areas. No, what’s actually shocking is that the event was a conference call during a week when Mitt Romney is trotting out his female supporters and his utter lies all over the country to prove he’s pro-women.…

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Pardon our dust…


We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced accessing the blog this afternoon. LOLGOP’s post about Rick Santorum hit the front page of Reddit and crashed the server we were on. We have bitten the bullet and upgraded to an account that should prevent something like that from happening again and should result in a peppier Eclectablog in general.

If you notice any issues, please let us know. Otherwise, enjoy the new & improved Eclectablog.

– Chris & LOLGOP…

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It’s time to apologize for Rick Santorum

Santorum’s concession speech is the closest he’ll ever get to an “It Gets Better” video

Of all this President’s many progressive achievements—the Lilly Ledbetter Act, Student Loan Reform, Health Care Reform, pulling out of Iraq—the one that isn’t mentioned enough in the feeds I follow is the the ending of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’

The DADT compromise enacted during the Clinton Administration made the closeting of gays and lesbians policy for the US military. It sent a message that homosexuals needed to lie or risk losing everything.

In one of the last acts of the Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, this ridiculous policy was ended.…

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