Emergency Managers — November 20, 2012 at 6:27 pm

Rachel Maddow and Laura Conaway have a “Cocktail Moment” with an “Emergency Manager”


Aw, shucks

You may recall that last week, Anne and I and a bunch of other folks did a little video toast and thank you to Laura Conaway and Rachel Maddow for their help in amplifying our message about Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law. In addition to the card signed by a bunch of Ann Arbor folks, we sent them the makings of an Emergency Manager, a new drink Anne and I invented.

Thankfully they got the package in one piece and, well, see for yourself:

They also had some really nice things to say about us at The Maddow Blog. I’m positively verklempt.

That may be as close as I ever get to having a drink with Laura and Rachel. How appropriate that it’s with an Emergency Manager?!

(Just to be sure I’m giving credit where it’s due, the idea to send the drink makings was Anne’s. She also made the chai simple syrup, the card and sent the package. I actually get to take very little credit for any of it, come to think about it ; )

UPDATE: Courtesy of my dear friend Rochelle, here is the card we sent to Laura and Rachel (complete with an Emergency Manager):