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Bobby McKenzie’s campaign takes a closer look at David Trott’s foreclosure and eviction work

Candidate for Michigan’s 11th Congressional District launches initiative seeking real stories of foreclosures executed by Trott and his law firm.

During the housing market crisis, there’s a good chance you or someone you know went through a foreclosure or eviction. And if you live in Michigan, it might have been done at the hands of David Trott in his position as CEO of Trott & Trott.

Congressional candidate Bobby McKenzie wants to hear the stories of people who have felt the pain inflicted by Trott & Trott. That’s why his campaign launched a series of targeted online ads seeking the stories of families in Southeastern Michigan who lost their homes to companies represented by Trott, whose firm specializes in foreclosure and eviction services.…

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Photo/Video Essay: Save Michigan’s Public Schools Rally!

Eclectablog himself wasn’t able to attend the grassroots-organized rally in support of the public school system in Lansing this morning; fortunately I was able to attend, with a contingent of my fellow Bloomfield Hills-based public school advocates. Yes, that’s right: Even in Bloomfield Hills, where most of the residents seem to think that the deliberate, systematic destruction of the Michigan Public School System will somehow spare them, there’s a solid base of concerned parents and other residents who know the truth: Sooner or later, Gov. Snyder and the Republican-held state legislature will come after us as well, unless they’re stopped.

With that in mind, here’s a collection of photos & videos from today’s event, which was arranged for by a completely grass-roots organization called, simply enough, Save Michigan’s Public Schools.…

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Union busting in Michigan is another huge win for the billionaire rights movement

“It is the certainty that they possess the truth that makes men cruel.” – Anatole France

If you’re like me, you want to turn green and climb to the top of the Empire State building to swipe at planes when you hear average, non-billionaire Americans telling you what they heard on Fox News: “Right to work” is a victory for “choice.”

These newly minted right-wing “pro-choicers” are proud to say that this attack on unions is a way to give workers “freedom to associate,” as if anyone in America is forced to take a job, as if people in Michigan wouldn’t line up for the chance to take a union job.…

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