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“Two North” – A Christmas Story

“Two North” is a story about one Christmas when my mom was spending time on the psychiatric ward of our town’s hospital after trying to commit suicide to escape a physically-abusive husband. I was thirteen. It was a cataclysmic event in our lives but it brought us together into a two-person tribe like no other event ever has in my life.

I offer this story to my friends here at Eclectablog on Christmas as a tribute to my mother, a woman who went from a pregnant sixteen-year old to an executive for the Chrysler Corporation in the short span of twenty years.…

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Today is the day of my actual 10-year blogging anniversary – see my humble beginnings

Although we held our 10-year Blogaversary party last Thursday on May Day, today is the actual anniversary of my very first blog post. Yup, that’s me. With hair.

My first blog was on a site called Modblog and you can view my very first, utterly lame post HERE.

If this doesn’t get your attention, I could …

… just…
… disappear…




It’s like this: I like to write. I like to express myself. BUT! I have a really hard time doing this when I don’t have an audience, I pretty much just sit there in front of the keyboard with zero inspiration.

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PHOTOS: The Eclectablog 10-year Blogaversary party a smashing success!

PHOTOS: The Eclectablog 10-year Blogaversary party a smashing success!


Team Eclectablog: (l-r) LOLGOP, Charles Gaba (Brainwrap), me, Anne C. Savage, Amy Lynn Smith, and Emma White

Last night’s Eclectablog 10-year Blogaversary party exceeded my expectations in so many ways. We had a tremendous turnout of over 100 people. Everyone who came received an Eclectagrog beer glass (pictured at right), we sold t-shirts, raffled off t-shirts and beer glasses, Lizz Winstead on your answering machine, and the most highly-sought after prizes, four of Anne’s amazing photos.

Below are some photos of the night.

Roger Kerson, Board member of the Ann Arbor Area Transit Authority and all-around good guy explains the importance of passing the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti/Ypsilanti Township transit millage next Tuesday

Some bald dude blathering

The highlight of the evening was having Lizz Winstead talking about her Lady Parts Justice project which is bringing their “V to Shining V” tour to Michigan on September 27th as part of a 50-state effort to make sure Republicans are held accountable at the ballot box for their anti-women legislative actions.…

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Join me in wishing Chris Savage the happiest of birthdays!

Join me in wishing Chris Savage the happiest of birthdays!

Let’s celebrate who he is and all he does.

I can think of no better way to pay tribute to Chris Savage than to write a few words for him — here, on the blog he created and contributes to almost every single day of the year.

I owe a lot to Chris. So do the countless Michiganders he stands up for, in so many ways.

In my case, Chris gave me a voice I would not have if it weren’t for Eclectablog. By inviting me on as a contributor last year, he elevated my activism by providing a platform where many, many more people could hear what I had to say.…

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PROGRAMMING NOTE: Team Eclectablog at the North Macomb County Dems meeting TONIGHT!

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Team Eclectablog at the North Macomb County Dems meeting TONIGHT!

Spreadin’ the Eclectagospel…

If you are in the Macomb County area, Anne and I will be speaking to the North Macomb County Democratic Club this evening. During the talk, we’ll be showing a 30-minute slideshow of Anne’s amazing photos and she’ll have her historic Obama photomosaic posters on sale, as well.

The event starts at 7:00 p.m. at the UAW Local 400 Hall at 50595 Mound Road in Macomb, Michigan, just south of 23 Mile Road.

We hope to see you there!…

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A week of Being Dan Savage - My "Savage Love Letters of the Day"

A week of Being Dan Savage – My “Savage Love Letters of the Day”

And now I know what GGG, DTMFA, and pegging are

As I mentioned last week, this week, I filled in for Dan Savage while he and his husband Terry (ooo la la!) are on vacation in Germany.

It was a riot and only reemphasized that you literally cannot make everyone happy on the internet at the same time. For four of the days, I brought in a Michigan political connection in what I thought was a fun way. The days that I did it, people complained that I was doing it. The day that I didn’t people complained that I didn’t.…

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Eclectablog takes over Dan Savage's "Savage Love Letter of the Day" all next week

Eclectablog takes over Dan Savage’s “Savage Love Letter of the Day” all next week

There’s a new Savage in town…

Wildly popular sex advice columnist Dan Savage (@FakeDanSavage on Twitter) is heading out on vacation next week. As he has in the past, he will have someone else answer his daily “Savage Love Letter of the Day”.

Next week, that someone else will be me.

“I think it would be hilarious to have another Savage write it,” he wrote to me in an email. “Because then it’s still technically “Savage Love”, right?”


Dan has given me free rein to incorporate politics, humor, and Eclectablog-related fun along with the sex advice I dispense so it should be a fun NSFW mash-up and a refreshing departure from my typical writing.…

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My Socialist Independence Day Vacation in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

My Socialist Independence Day Vacation in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore


I’m sitting here sipping on my water bottle this morning, the last piece of My Socialist Independence Day Vacation: it’s filled with the deliciously pure water from the D.H. Day Campground just outside of Glen Arbor, Michigan. Anne and I spent the past week there and I always return refreshed but also reminded that one of our greatest national treasures is our National Park system.

Take a look at this picture:

Yeah, it’s a cute picture taken by Anne of our pit bull Sunni playing fetch in Lake Michigan (Anne documented this, his first camping trip, in photos on her Facebook page.) That’s the majestic Empire Bluffs in the distance.…

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VIDEO: Sunday morning politics break – Red-Winged Blackbirds drive off Sandhill Cranes by working together

The power of tenacity and coordination

Anne and I like to recharge our mental and spiritual batteries by tossing our kayaks into our beater pick-up truck Steve and heading out to Pickerel Lake in the Pinckney State Recreation Area. It's actually on a chain of three lakes that includes Crooked Lake. The wildlife on these lakes is abundant and, especially in kayaks, you can get startling close to the animals. On Friday night, we whipped up a batch of margaritas and headed out for a sunset booze cruise. While we were paddling, we came across something I've never seen before: two Red-Winged Blackbirds systematically attacking and driving off two adult Sandhill Cranes who had strayed too close to their nest. Video and photos after the jump.
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Saturday evening politics break - Asparagus edition

Saturday evening politics break – Asparagus edition

I’m feeling burned out on politics. Here’s some garden porn: – fresh picked asparagus from our garden:

Self-portrait by Anne C. Savage


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