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Do you have $10 help Eclectablog keep going another 10 years?


If you can, please give $10 to help us keep exposing the poison of big money special interests for another decade

When Chris Savage started blogging as Eclectablog a decade ago, Donald Trump hadn’t even filed his fourth bankruptcy yet. Chris wasn’t even sure he just wanted to blog about politics exclusively, hence “Eclectablog.” Fate had other plans.

Sorry, you don’t get any scrumptious vegetarian recipes, essays about alchemy, or gardening tips.

Back in 2008, the economy was shattering, Iraq War was in full surge, and Democratic presidential primary seemed about as heated as left-leaning politics could ever get. Even now we can’t call that time the good old days. But Eclectablog found its mission. For a decade, Chris has led our effort to unmask the dangers of corporate control of politics, education, and our economy, while telling the stories that other publications can’t or won’t.

Now the extra “C” in the blog’s name could seem like an ironic typo, but it actually stands for something and not the terrible word you only say when you’re stuck in traffic.

Yes, it stands for community.

The readers who support this blog make these efforts possible. You know nobody is getting rich off Eclectablog, least of all Chris. But your support raises up our posts, our podcasts, and a progressive perspective that is desperately needed, especially in Michigan — the Right’s incubator for their ugliest ideas.

Looking back a decade, we can remember the damage eight years of a Republican presidency can do to our country and our souls. Who can forget? We’re only a year and a half into Trump and we’re already in the midst of a national emergency.

Chris is as tireless and incisive as ever, even if he is recovering from major surgery.

Our coverage of the 2018 elections has already made waves and we promise that as soon as the primaries are over, we’re going into overdrive.

This election is our best chance to reverse the slide of two terms of full corporatism in Michigan and put some actual oversight of this criminal regime in Washington DC. We will expose the Republicans who rubber stamp the Chamber of Commerce and other billionaire front groups and their endless effort to make sure our vote doesn’t count.

But we need your help. Can you give us $10 bucks (or more) as a sign that you want us around another $10 years?

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