Eclectalife, Featured Post — March 5, 2019 at 6:38 pm

A POLITICAL PAWS: Will you please vote for our Eclectadog Suni and send a positive message about rescued dogs (esp. pit bulls)?


NOTE: This contest is now over and voting is complete. Suni DID make it into the Top Ten so thank you : )

This handsome fellow is Suni and he’s one of our three rescued Eclectadogs. They’re all pit bulls, a dog breed that is sadly much maligned with a totally undeserved (bad) reputation. The truth is, I’ve had a lot of dogs in my life over the years but it wasn’t until I had a pit bull claim me as her person that I truly fell in love with them. They are the most loyal, loving animals imaginable and, like most dogs and cats who are rescues, they are invariably grateful.

Anne and I are so attached to our Eclectadogs that we bought a huge king-sized bed and Anne added a two-foot extension on it. Every night, after their evening snack, they all bolt up the stairs, leap onto their pads and curl up, two at our feet and one between us.

Merrell Outdoors is currently holding a contest/election for their first “dog ambassador”. Merrell will choose their next dog ambassador from the top ten vote getters. The winner will receive a donation of $5,000 to a local animal shelter or animal-based non-profit. If Suni wins, that will be the incredible Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV) where Anne is a staff photographer. Every year, the HSHV places over 5,000 rescued animals into new homes with loving families. They also have a fully-staffed emergency rescue department which is 100% funded by donations.

If you wish to vote for Suni, click HERE. You can vote once a day until midnight on March 16th. To vote, click the link then click the heart. That’s it! No registration necessary.

Here are some photos of Suni on his many adventures with us around the beautiful state of Michigan. He loves to hike and play on the beach and generally enjoy the outdoors, just like his mom and dad. Anne and I got married on the beach in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore 15 years ago and we go back each year to camp and play and Suni almost always joins us.

Suni the Eclectadog

Suni in Glen Arbor (in the Sleeping Bear Dunes)

Anne and Eclectablog and Suni on a tall dune in the Sleeping Bear Dunes overlooking Lake Michigan

Suni is GREAT with other animals. One time, an injured homing pigeon wandered into Anne’s office. Suni alerted Anne and she took him to the HSHV where it was eventually reunited with it’s person:

Suni with his kitteh Spooky (also a rescue, of course : )

The whole fam damily

Suni going bike riding on the Heritage Trail in the Sleeping Bear Dunes. We call his trailer “The Smile Maker” for obvious reasons

Yes, he even goes kayaking…

Camping trips are VERY exhausting

And, one last one:

Again, if you wish to vote for Suni, click HERE. You can vote once a day until midnight on March 16th. Thank you so much.