Tea Party, Things That Make You Go Hmmm — December 11, 2012 at 5:49 am

UPDATED: Tea partiers are afraid of violence (and RAPE!) at today’s rally because unions.


Ah, geez…

I got this bit hysterical inanity from the Tea Party of West Michigan, a group whose website tagline is still the comically and grammatically incorrect “Influence policy, effect elections, protect the Constitution.”

Tuesday is the big day for Right To Work!
The Unions will be out in force. There is a call for us constitutionalists who want to save Michigan to come to Lansing. I will be there as will many others. I’d like some of you there also. However, let’s not fool ourselves. This is a huge vote and this bill passing will mean great and wonderful things for Michigan. At the same time it will drastically remove a ton of power from the union bosses and give freedom to the union members. Freedom to pick what union they would like to belong to or none at all.

Okay, let’s start with that before we look at the rest of the email. It’s bad enough that they support this attack on the working men and women of Michigan who are in unions but to get what this legislation does so factually wrong is insulting. “Freedom to pick what union they would like belong to”??? What, you could go to work for GM and decide to join the SEIU or the IBEW? Jesus, these people are idiots. But, hey, at least “great and wonderful things” will happen…

Here’s the rest:

Because of the threat this is to the unions I want to offer a word of caution. There could be violence in Lansing.I want all of you to know going in that it is possible. So weight that thoughtfully before you decide to attend. I will put an event up for this.

If you are scared or older or not of great health you might want to think heavily about it. Parking will be full and you may have quite a distance to walk just to get to the capitol.

If you don’t go, please continue your calls to the House members so they stick with their yes votes. They are under huge pressure from the unions and possibly even threats. I’ve heard rumors that they have even received calls at their homes. Many of the staffers were not in their offices the other day and the offices were locked because they were concerned for their safety.

I hope and pray that there will not be violence and I’m asking for prayer for those of us who are going to be there.

“Could be violence.” “Scared.” “Possibly even threats.” “I’ve heard rumors.” “Concerned for their safety.”

This woman isn’t praying there won’t be violence. I think she’s praying FOR violence. She seems nearly giddy about the prospect of union thugs beating up scared little old tea party constitutionalists.

But tea partiers aren’t violent, though, right? They never use violent language or imagery.

Unless you’re talking about carrying around signs like this (from the Americans For Prosperity Sarah Palin Worship Service in Michigan last summer):

Or this, from a Brighton tea party rally (check out the sign on the right: “Rise Up, Reload, Revolt”):

Yeah, they aren’t violent. It’s those damned union thugs.

UPDATE: I got this tweet from Enni Demeter:


If anyone can get their hands on that email, PLEASE SEND IT TO ME!!!

  • kirke123

    rapist, we are talking about the taliban tea party? people in this state and country are so uninformed about everything! do they not realize the economic crisis this will cause all businesses in the state? the medical field will rec less customers as RTW removes health ins. grocery stores and retail outlets will be laying off personell. the media will be losing subscribers. and this economic disaster is brought to us by king snyder and his band of taliban tea partiers. most people are sooooooooooooo stupid!

  • Georgina

    Unbelievable…. I guess u would had to be at the rally today to know how ridiculous and stupid these statements are. I guess you can say they are talking to their choir. I love being a liberal and I thank God often that I was fortunate enough to work under a UNION CONTRACT.

  • Tia

    thugs lose – Michiganders win ! Come on union peeps – lots of people can get jobs now – cause lots more companies will be interested in coming to your crazy State ! Move on from the antiquated way worn out union boss mentality. celebrate your good fortune !!! We here in Indiana celebrate for you !

  • trs6184

    If you had your head to far up your backside it was the union asses throwing the punches. DA

  • Well, I’m honored to have my novel in your blog. Buy it and read it before you claim that it, or its imagery, promotes violence.


    The pic of the person with the sign is a picture of a book cover. It does not endorse violence unless you’re smokin’ something cheap.

    The “rapist” accusation is from a stateworker woman who is laughing at a non union person about an email we haven’t seen. This is fourth hand? fifth? Sounds made up to me -where is the email?

    Too bad you have to make stuff up to gain followers.

    As for union violence, well geez folks c’mon. Tents in michigan. Wisconsin? IBEW workers and Verizon?

    Union members profit from it then act like it doesn’t happen. It’s in the news that is so biased toward your god (Obama) and your church (unions).

    At least stand up and admit yes we condone destruction of property when we don’t get our way.

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