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The GOP Rape Advisory Chart


UPDATE: Volume II of the GOP Rape Advisory Chart can be found HERE and Volume III is HERE.

A week or so ago, someone posted her version of the GOP Rape Advisory Chart to help sort out all of the confusion about the wide variety of rape “flavors” that today’s Republican Party seems so hell-bent on bringing to light.

I thought she did a fantastic job, but, given the latest entries into the “rainbow of rape flavors” yesterday and today by Richard Mourdock and John Cornyn, I decided to create a revised version that plays it straight–I’m just including the actual quotes themselves. Feel free to repost on Facebook, TW or wherever you wish.

So, without further ado, I present the updated Republican Party Rape Advisory Chart:

Anyway, just to reiterate, since I’ve had at least one person contact me directly about it, please feel free to repost the graphic anywhere you wish, and don’t worry about “credit” or “attribution”…the color-code chart idea was someone else’s, as noted above, and I certainly don’t want “credit” for the disgusting statements by the GOP jackasses in the chart.

Also, if you want to attach a link to the chart, I’d recommend either a) ANY of the Democrats running against the scumbags who made the quotes (there’s too many to list again) or, alternately, RAINN or Jamie Leigh Foundation, both of which seem appropriate.

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

The Jamie Leigh Foundation

In case the name Jamie Leigh Jones doesn’t ring any bells, here’s a reminder…it’s the 10 most riveting minutes of video you’ll watch today, believe me:


I should probably also note that the chart above is far from all-inclusive. Several additional quotes are listed in the comments, and there’s many (far, far too many) more that haven’t been yet.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Photoshop could handle that large of an image file if I tried to include them all, and I’d quickly run out of background colors to use.

  • newguyontheblock

    You are a genius. If I didn’t follow politics, I would have said you made it all up.

  • Liz

    One out of ten rapes happens to a man. Which category would they fall under?

    • Rape

    • Emma Garland

      The rape ones.

    • Way to derail the thread there Liz. This chart was created because the Republican party is steeped in misogyny. BUT, guess what, the Republicans with these attitude towards women would be NO MORE sympathetic or helpful to male victims of rape. These guys support a victim blaming culture, and that includes male victims too. You think these rat bastard would give a tinker’s damn helping boys and men prosecute their attackers, or give them support as a friend, or help them get medical care and therapy HELL NO! So cut out the stupid act, Lizzie, it ain’t cute.

      • I don’t think that was a stupid question at all. They’d probably have a “category” for a rape that happens to a man, and they won’t be any more sympathetic. If the rapist was a man, they’d probably blame the rape on this “homosexual agenda” that they like to go on about and turn it into a crusade against gay men while disregarding the survivor. If the rapist was a woman, they’d probably laugh it off since women obviously aren’t strong enough to rape men.*

        *That was sarcasm, by the way.

    • Those rapes are almost always performed by men, and never result in pregnancy.

    • kiwi

      A national emergency rape

    • colorowdy

      you assume rape has a gender…it has no gender or age is a violent act towards another human being…rape is rape

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  • Wow. Wow. Just Wow.

  • ABC

    You’re a damn idiot. Not only did you misquote all of these statements you took all of them out of context. You must be one evil bastard.

    • Compassion

      Pray tell, further reveal your insensitivity and backwards nature by putting these quotes into an acceptable context.

    • Actually, every one of the quotes listed is verbatim. There’s only ellipses in one of them, and the missing words (as well as those before and after any of them) are only of the “don’t get me wrong, rape is a terrible thing, BUT…” variety.

      Frankly, there’s a couple of them (the “easy rape” one comes to mind) that are even WORSE if you try to put them in the “right” context.

    • Emma Garland

      Please show us how any of these are misquoted, I looked them up and couldn’t find one thing incorrectly stated. We’re all ears.

    • K

      These are all correct and none taken out of context. None of these people had said,” here is what you shouldn’t say about rape”. None misspoke. Every one of them said it out loud, in front of others, most in front of a camera. It wasn’t just one or two creeps, it’s the party line. Read RP platform. They are trying to make it seem as though rape is not a good enough excuse for an abortion by downplaying the circumstances. Since Republican followers believe whatever their leaders say without ever checking the facts or questioning their purpose, many now believe that a woman being raped can’t get pregnant, that the church is being forced to hand out day-after pills, that a simple shot of estrogen will keep pregnancy from happening and so on. It is all wrong, absurdly wrong and all these people did was show the sane people in the country how little they care about women, but their base is buying it, so they have served their purpose, to get enough people to support anti-abortion legislation that allows for no exceptions & change the law. So, ABC, you’re the idiot for not checking your sources and the evil bastards are those men you support.


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  • Tired of GOP lies

    ABC is using the standard GOP trick of accusing their opponents of their own failings, to pre-empt having their own failings correctly named.

  • Sally Hopkins
    • TOM

      I read it with an open mind, and I was appalled at your willingness to lie and bend the truth for political gain. You state that Roe V Wade was based on a false allegation of rape. While Norma McCorvey falsely alleged rape while seeking an abortion under current Texas law, she dropped that claim before filing Roe V Wade.

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  • mare

    rape is rape and to put it in this manor is appalling

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  • “Forcible rape” is a legal term, and not one made up by Republicans. It is used
    to distinguish rape where there is a lack of meaningful consent (what
    most intelligent people know rape to be) from when, say, an 18 year
    old has consensual sex with her 16 year old boyfriend (statutory rape).

    The statement made there is JUST PLAIN FALSE. Forcible rape includes all of those things. That law would in no way have denied abortions to those women, as those acts constitute forcible rape.

    That said, it’s a shitty fucking law, anyway – what goes on inside
    women’s bodies should be entirely up to them, and not up to Congress.

    • AJM

      Show your source for the meaning of “forcible rape” as a pre-existing legal term. You are most probably wrong and the impression in the press is that the Republicans intended it to restrict access to abortion to cases where the victim fought back strenuously whether or not she had any hope of prevailing and whether or not this would have put her at risk for additional injury.

  • fred

    This looks like the Muslim book of rules on how to treat a woman.
    It’s not racist as someone said it plain sexist.
    The republicans who said and support this should be jailed. In there they will be rapped and find out what it’s like.

  • After getting over PTSD from reading this, I think we all know who we need to vote for. Enough said.

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  • colorowdy

    this is primarily a women’s issue, being forced into a sexual situation when no has been plainly stated. It happens to men, young boys, my point: Rape has no gender or age limit. GOP focuses on women as the majority of victims yes but the category is Violent Crime: no gender no age.

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