GOPocrisy, War on Women — October 25, 2012 at 11:27 am

GOP Rape Advisory Chart: Vol. 2


UPDATE: Volume III of the GOP Rape Advisory Chart can be found HERE

Wow. Yesterday, in light of the latest misogynistic idiocy by the Republican moron of the moment, Richard Mourdock, I decided to whip up a compilation of some of the more revolting statements on the subject of rape (often tied in with reproductive rights, but not always).

The response was, to put it mildly, overwhelming. In addition to being front-paged at DailyKos, I was invited to repost it here at Eclectablog, and the chart has been reposted, reblogged, retweeted, retumblred and re-whatevered thousands of times already, including the Democratic Underground, Alternet and even by Richard Dawkins and many, many more.

I honestly didn’t think I’d done anything that impressive–most of these statements have received tons of coverage and are easily findable with a simple web search. All I did was put them all together in one place (plus adding some Terror Alert Color Coding, which wasn’t even my idea in the first place).

Anyway, I’m a little uncomfortable taking “credit” for this…”Rape-Apologist Quote Compiler” isn’t exactly something that would look good on my resumé, y’know?

Still, when something captures the public zeitgeist, you have to make your point even more clearly while people are still paying attention. With that in mind I present Volume II of the Republican Party Rape Advisory Chart…this time with larger font size, a wider column and quote source attributions added.

I’d say “enjoy” but that’s incredibly inappropriate unless you’re Clayton Williams.

To fight back against the Republican war on women, please contribute to the Daily Kos-endorsed women who are running for House and Senate.

In general, I’d recommend helping out ANY of the Democrats running against the scumbags who made the quotes or, alternately, Planned Parenthood, RAINN or the Jamie Leigh Foundation, all of which seem appropriate.

Planned Parenthood

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

The Jamie Leigh Foundation

In case the name Jamie Leigh Jones doesn’t ring any bells, here’s a reminder…it’s the 10 most riveting minutes of video you’ll watch today, believe me:

  • Insipid47

    I guess we Democrats are simple folks we just think “rape is rape”:
    While i can’t categorize rape, i can say with certainty that if we let the GOP back into power, we are all fucked.

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  • DurdyDawg

    We’re all over this pub rape thing.. Certainly it’s a serious subject but we’re concentrating on one issue, hoping that the hard core pub voters will wake up and realize who their enemies actually are but it won’t work.. we need to inundate them with other atrocities spewed and targeted by the neo-con tea party such as elimination of social security, to privatize it to the same nincompoops who pops bubbles and enter bankruptcy when the booty grows large enough and forget about seniors already on s.s., with no more money coming in, politicians skimming off the top.. how many months or years do you think it will last? Gut welfare, food stamps and unemployment leaving millions who otherwise would work in good times alone to fend for themselves in these hard times as charities and churches are already over loaded, causing criminal activity just to feed their families.. It will be chaos and a perfect time for the new republican masters to enact martial law.. Bye Bye America, hello fascism .. THAT’S why I’m for Obama and the democratic party, not that they’re above corruption but because they’re not out to destroy what the Mittwit calls the mooching 47%. Sarcasm to follow:

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