GOP, Michigan, Michigan Republicans, Recall Rick Snyder, Rick Snyder — August 19, 2011 at 7:25 am

BREAKING – More Mich GOP freakout: Robocalls warn against identity theft from signing petitions.


Yesterday, I wrote about how the Snyder administration is freaking out over the legal challenge to the Emergency Manager law. On that same day, residents on the west side of the state starting getting these robocalls:

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This is an identity theft alert. Petitions are being circulated door-to-door and at public locations throughout the county that require your name, your address and your signature. The State of Michigan does not require a license or bond for signature gatherers and anyone can collect signatures regardless of their police record.

Be very careful who you give your personal information to, particularly your signature. In many cases, copies of these petitions, with your signature, are sent overseas for processing. Be on the alert for fraudulent attempts to get your personal information.

This is breaking news not yet reported elsewhere.

The phone number for these incoming calls is 877-366-9612. This number is associated with previous robocalls against Democrats.

This is a classic GOP tactic. The message hits all the right notes to freak out low-information people: identity theft, criminals, foreigners, fraud.

Just one more example that Michigan Republicans are in complete freakout mode at the moment and will do anything to stop the repeal of the Emergency Manager law, senators, representatives and Governor Rick Snyder.

Feels kinda good to have them on the run, doesn’t it?

  • Jham710

    There have been radio ads in Los Angeles claiming the same thing!

  • Just heard Rachel Maddow talk about this.  (She mentioned you and showed your blog.  Congrats!)  This is really crazy.  And so hard to fight.  How do you fight robocalls?  How do you warn the people who were called that it was a fear-mongering lie?  I DESPISE those people!

  • RichardLake

    Thank You for covering this.  The Rachel Maddow Show covers our Recalls at

  • Carol

    Rachel “hearts” Eclectablog…again…way to go Chris!

  • Namon Singleton

    I find it a tad funny, when democrats ruin the cities then try to blame someone else. Look at Detroit, democrat Mayor, Memphis democrat Mayor, DC, democrat mayor. All these cities have similar problems. Democrats have too many people on the take and not enough people putting it in. Look around, its happening all over this great nation. My own state of Washington; our governor had 800 million is a rainy day fund when she took office, now we are 3 billion dollars in the red. They can’t stop spending and spending. If I ran my household like they run the government, I’d be thrown in jail. If you listen to them, all you hear is we need to tax more. I’m taxed enough, they need to get their spending under control.

  •  Do you live in Detroit? Have you seen what the DemocratIC people are doing for their own city? It has ZERO to do with who is in charge. Detroit is a city that is coming up from the ashes, due to the DemocratIC muscle of its own citizens, old and, especially, new. Xenophobes hate the Mexicans and the Middle Easterners but let me tell you, the areas they move into become pretty, clean, friendly places with shops, restaurants and groceries that bring in day tourists. We know this much better than many other cities. Thank goodness for them.
    The young people of all colors and flavors (what this country was founded for) from all over the country who are coming in, creating communities and farms (yes! In the middle of Detroit!), cleaning up areas, making big gardens, artworks, music, parks, trails that lead to the water, that drive the tourist-friendly Artist and Farmer’s Market (the biggest in the country)- THIS is what is happening in Detroit, not your tired old opinion that nothing is happening there because you don’t see it for yourself.