GOPocrisy, Michigan, Rick Snyder — April 20, 2011 at 11:44 pm

Mich Gov. Rick Snyder’s fake “concession” on the Earned Income Tax Credit


We could all learn a little bit about negotiating from the Republicans, I suppose.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s proposed budget eliminates the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) which helps the working poor, especially those with kids.

In a dramatic concession, he’s agreed to give qualifying families $25 per child . This represents 5.8% of the EITC the average family would have received.

He will now tell everyone he made a concession. But, if his budget passes in May as it most likely will, he will have actually slashed an important bit of assistance for many poor Michiganders with families by 94.2%.

All to help pay for an 86% tax cut for businesses.

Because that’s how they roll.

I’m just sayin’…

  • Carol

    We can only take some brief comfort in the fact that what goes around comes around…and find a way to help the impacted families. How do they DARE to walk into their chosen place of worship? or even proclaim Christian beliefs…

  • sjterrid

    Unbelievable, how much more does these governors have to prove that they don’t care about this country, they only care about the top 1% and what they can get. I hope that by being so open about how they want to cut SS, Medicaid and Medicare, and extend more tax cuts to the wealthy, the American People will wake up to see who really wants to fix our problems so everybody does better.

  • redhousedayz

    He is proving exactly what I said he would ..throw a little morsel here or there..the $25 and now only tax those below 67. just so he can be the grand compromiser..typical business..ask for the moon and stars cause then you can give up a star or two and look like big man on campus…Aint gonna work!

  • You have to think that this man is just EVIL. He’s like the Dr. Evil of Governors. Where’s Austin Powers when you need him?

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