Charter Schools, Education, Privatization, Teachers — July 21, 2019 at 9:16 pm

Should all teachers be certified? Charter school leaders say no…


“I wouldn’t want to be the one that tells Gov. Jerry Brown that he can’t teach a government class because he would otherwise have to go back to college,” said Myrna Castrejón, president and CEO of the California Charter Schools Association.

I would.

Because Jerry Brown is in no way qualified, prepared, certified, or remotely capable of being a teacher.

Would Gov. Brown know how to write a lesson plan?

Would Gov. Brown know what to do with 30 second graders when that lesson plan goes down in flames?

Would Gov. Brown know how to make an assessment plan for his middle school choir?

Would Gov. Brown know how to run an IEP meeting?

Would Gov. Brown know what an IEP, or a 504 plan is, or how they are different?

Would Gov. Brown know how to run a parent-teacher conference?

Would Gov. Brown know how to get his 29 kindergarten students down to the cafegymnatorium for the band concert, seated quietly in their assigned spots on the floor, and back to class without losing one or more kids?

Would Gov. Brown know how to teach a science lesson with no lab equipment, textbooks, or classroom materials?

Would Gov. Brown be able to eat his lunch in 22 minutes while sitting with his middle schoolers because the lunch aid got let go due to a lack of state funds?

Could Jerry Brown be a decent guest speaker for one class period in a high school government class? Sure…as long as that class wasn’t eliminated from the curriculum because the school’s math and reading scores on the state exam weren’t high enough, and if the school still was able to even employ a government teacher.

But the idea that Jerry Brown could just walk in to a high school and start teaching just goes to show how little Ms. Castrejón of the California Charter Schools Association knows about what it really takes to be a teacher. Or how little she values what teachers know, and do every day.

And that should tell you everything about who is running charter schools in this country.