Michigan Democrats, Shri Thanedar — June 11, 2018 at 10:15 am

Michigan’s largest Democratic club issues unprecedented “anti-endorsement” of “Democratic” gubernatorial candidate Shri Thanedar


I generally don’t weigh in on Democratic primaries in our state. I learned long ago that it’s better to let primary campaigns play out without me sticking my nose in. The only times I tend to write about them is if a particular campaign is doing something that’s creative and interesting that other Dems can learn from or, more often, when the so-called “Democrat” turns out to be a fake Democrat or is attacking other Democrats instead promoting their own campaign.

Shri Thanedar, a “Democrat” who calls himself the “most progressive” Democrat running for governor in Michigan”, falls into both categories. There’s nothing in his past to suggest he is actually a progressive — in fact he apparently considered running as a Republican until deciding to run as a Democrat — and he slags his Democratic opponents as if he was a Republican, deriding those who have made a career of public service as “career politicians”. I presented my arguments in April in a post titled “Why would I NEVER support Shri Thanedar to be the governor of Michigan? How much time do you have?

Today, I was joined by the Grosse Pointe Democratic Club, a group that claims to be “the largest chartered Democratic club in the State of Michigan.” The GPDC took a step I have never seen before and issued an “anti-endorsement” of Shri Thanedar, warning Democrats NOT to vote for him.

Here is their press release in full:

Grosse Pointe Democrats Urge Voters to Reject Shri Thanedar
“Anti-Endorsement” of Thanedar is a First for Michigan’s Largest Democratic Club

GROSSE POINTE, MI — Today, the Grosse Pointe Democratic Club, the largest chartered Democratic club in the State of Michigan, announced its unprecedented decision to “antiendorse” Democratic gubernatorial candidate Shri Thanedar. In other words, it is the official position of the Club that Thanedar is exceptionally unfit to serve as governor of Michigan due to moral and ethical reasons, and that his candidacy should not be taken seriously by voters.

The Club felt obligated to speak out on Thanedar’s candidacy, being that recent poll numbers have shown Thanedar posing a real threat of winning the Democratic nomination for governor. The Club believes that nominating Thanedar to be Michigan’s Democratic candidate for governor would be disastrous for both the Michigan Democratic Party, as well as the State of Michigan as a whole.

“The Executive Board chose not to endorse in the governor’s race, instead opting to let the primary election process run it course,” says Gary Bresnehan, President of the Grosse Pointe Democratic Club. “However, we do encourage voters to consider Gretchen Whitmer or Abdul El-Sayed, whom we believe to be much more qualified to serve as governor of our great state.”

The Club hopes to encourage other Democratic organizations in the State of Michigan to follow suit in denouncing the candidacy of Shri Thanedar.

Additional information about the Grosse Pointe Democratic Club can be found at www.gpdems.com and on Facebook.

Unprecedented candidates require unprecedented responses and Shri Thanedar is most certainly an unprecedented gubernatorial candidate in Michigan.