Republican Mike Bishop doesn’t want you to know his stances on guns & unions, quietly scrubs them from his website


It’s well-known that Republican Mike Bishop is deeply embedded in the pockets of the super-wealthy like skabillionaire Matty Moroun so it’ll likely come as no surprise to you that he disdains unions and is all in for gun manufacturers and their corporate front group, the NRA. In fact, his website used to crow about his pro-gun, anti-union stances.

Here’s a screenshot from the Internet Archive from last September:

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2nd Amendment

Supporting our 2nd amendment right to bear arms, Mike Bishop championed right-to-carry legislation, received A/A+ rating from NRA and is personally a gun owner with a CPL.

Right to Work

Mike Bishop was one of the first elected officials in Michigan to publicly call for Right-to-work. In 2007, Mike Bishop publicly called for Michigan to become a right-to-work state.

However, in the current political climate when Americans are waking up and realizing that people are dying from Republicans’ intransigence on commonsense gun purchase and ownership protections and families are suffering due to Republicans’ attacks on workers, Bishop quietly scrubbed his website of any mention of these two issues:

Republican Rep. Mike Bishop’s support of the Second Amendment, right-to-carry legislation and his A/A+ rating from the National Rifle Association have been removed from his campaign website.

The change comes as Republicans are increasingly worried about casualties in vulnerable U.S. House districts in the fall midterm elections, and as student survivors of last month’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, keep up calls for action on gun reform. […]

The “issues” page of Bishop’s website no longer mentions guns or the Second Amendment. Also scrubbed from the page are descriptions of Bishop as a supporter of right to work laws, his opposition to abortion and to amnesty for undocumented immigrants.

The campaign site now features largely bipartisan issues, including the opioid epidemic, college affordability, Great Lakes conservation and protecting children from predators.

Bishop wants you to forget that he’s a dyed-in-the-wool Republican who is wrong on some of the bedrock issues confronting our country right now. When it comes to guns and unions, he continues to toe the corporatist line, making sure the interests of the wealthy elites who control our government at the moment are front and center, superseding the interests of the rest of us common folk.

It’s not surprising Bishop is running scared. His Democratic opponent Elissa Slotkin raised more money than him the past two quarters. And, unlike Bishop, Slotkin has the right positions on these issues. During the March for Our Lives in March, she published a Facebook video in support of the students who are rising up to make their voices heard.

Bishop can’t even talk about gun violence killing our children without sticking his Brooks Brothers shoe in his mouth. “I’m not operating under this false premise that we can come up with a silver bullet,” he told The Detroit News.

Always with the bullets with these guys…

And, lest we forget, Mike Bishop thinks young people making their voices heard in the political arena are “brats” who need to be “picked up” by their parents. Here’s a tweet of his from 2016 when students were protesting the election of Donald Trump:

Classy, Mike. Very classy.

You can make sure that Mike Bishop is retired from Congress and take his rightful place as a corporate lobbyist for the Moroun family by supporting Elissa Slotkin HERE. You can listen to our interview with Slotkin on The Sit and Spin Room podcast HERE.