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Investing in education starts with investing in our OWN education


This is my 5,199th post at Eclectablog.

That’s an astonishing sentence to me but it’s true. I have written so many posts that every once in a while I will Google something and find some of my own writing, an essay I had totally forgotten about. In essence, this blog has become a journal of what happens when a Democratic blue state gets gerrymandered so hard that it can barely be recognized as purple any longer. What is particularly gratifying is to read one of my own posts or something by one of our other amazing contributors and thinking to myself, “Well, damn. That’s pretty good.”

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We don’t MAKE you pay for it of course. You can browse freely and all of the content on the blog and the podcast is provided without charge. But we hope that you’ll support us from time to time so that we can keep doing it and that’s why we come to you a few times a year to ask you to consider making a contribution and joining the growing community of supporters here at Eclectablog. It’s an investment in your OWN education that we think is worth making.

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