Fundraiser — January 17, 2018 at 3:14 pm

The rich are using their Trump Tax Cut to invest in politicians and causes who will make them MORE wealthy. Let’s all pledge ours to fight them.


The Trump Tax scam is likely to result in a fair number of us seeing a tiny bit more money in our paychecks starting next month. It is, of course, a scam. You shouldn’t get used to the extra funds because some time in the next 8-10 years, they’ll go away. The extra money that the über wealthy are going to get from the Trump Tax scam is permanent, however, which means they’ll get to enjoy their “investment” in Donald Trump and his Republican colleagues forever and ever.

And make no mistake: the donations they have sent to Republicans over the past years are just that – investments.

And you know what they are going to do with some of that extra money they’ll be getting? Using it to shore up those investments to make sure the Republicans not only continue to win their elections but that they don’t do anything silly like ending the tax breaks for the mega-wealthy.

You can do the same thing and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as buying a member of Congress.

Maybe you’ll consider donating at least a portion of your Trump Tax Cut to funding a blog that is working hard to fight Republican attacks on our country.

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