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BREAKING: Diverticulitis almost takes down Eclectablog


If you can’t imagine progressive politics without Chris Savage and Eclectablog, we need your support

It was the worst Twitter direct message I’ve ever gotten — even worse than the one that convinced me Trump had won Florida.

“I have been sick for a few days and this morning I went to the dr with severe abdominal pain,” @Eclectablog AKA Chris Savage wrote. “They sent me to the ER (in Chelsea) and it turns out I have diverticulitis and my colon is perforated. May need surgery to repair it (but maybe not.) Going to be here at least overnight. I’ll let you know after the surgeon looks me over.”

It was just Monday night when we recorded this week’s The Sit and Spin Room and then went out for dinner to celebrate the birthday of the great Anne Savage, Chris’ equally great other half. Now he was about to be carved up to get to his colon before it got to him.

Thankfully, he didn’t need surgery. He only has a “middle-bad case of diverticulitis,” which is enough to keep him in the hospital for a few days. And, even more thankfully, he has health insurance.

But this is kind of scare that forces you to imagine losing someone who is not only a great friend, and the man who performed my wedding, but also a genuine champion for justice.

Chris Savage has made Eclectablog the loudest voice in Michigan’s progressive politics by both by building an unmatched team of unique voices and by setting the model for what a citizen journalist can do — when he’s not leading a county party, working a full-time job and tending to his garden and family.

He doesn’t just keep a watchful eye on the personalities that drive the conservative attack on workers, he uncovers the machinery that concentrates their power and the devastating effects these policies have — with the Flint Water Crisis and the Detroit public schools being two of the most vicious examples.

There’s obviously no Eclectablog without Chris Savage and there’s no Eclectablog without you backing the efforts he’s built. I’m selfishly asking for your support because I know every dime goes into increasing the impact of voices that are too often drowned out by the corporate media.

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[Photo by the great Anne Savage.]