Fundraiser — January 16, 2018 at 11:29 am

As Trump assaults our nation’s integrity, institutions, and democracy, here’s why we still need to keep our focus on the states


There’s no question that Donald Trump is working around the clock when he’s not golfing at one of his many golf clubs using millions of our tax dollars to dismantle our country’s democracy, our institutions, and the laws and policies we have in place to protect ALL Americans, not just those at the top of the economic food chain. On the international playing field, it’s clear he doesn’t understand that our investments in other countries pay dividends in terms of world peace, a peace that is far less expensive to the USA in terms of blood and treasure than any of us probably realize.

Here at home we’re seeing attacks on education, on the social safety net, on healthcare, and on the environment, and so much more.

Here at Eclectablog, we are unabashed that we believe our state is the bellwether for the rest of the country. Egregious, pro-corporate policies are beta tested here in Michigan under our corporatist governor and his colleagues in the state legislature to work out the bugs before rolling them out in other parts of the country.

So, when we wrote about Emergency Management, it was a warning flare to the rest of the country. Now there are Emergency Managers in Atlantic City, New Jersey and in Gary and Muncie, Indiana.

When we wrote about the attacks on education from the DeVos family, that was our warning to the country that this woman and her family should never be anywhere NEAR educational decision-making in this state or this country. Now Ms. DeVos is the United States Secretary of Education.

When Republicans made Michigan, the birthplace of the modern labor movement in the United States a so-called “Right to Work” state (which they now, of course, call “Freedom to Work”), we warned how it was intended to drive down wages to benefit corporations. And, of course, the march of Right to Work has continued apace in other states.

In other words, the news and analysis presented here at Eclectablog isn’t just intended for consumption by Michiganders. It is for ALL Americans.

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