Conservatives, GOP, GOPocrisy, Republican-Fail, Republicans, Roy Moore — November 12, 2017 at 12:36 pm

Roy Moore: Poster Child for Republican, Conservative, and Christian Values

We’ve been seeing a lot of posts and news pieces lately about how Roy Moore, the alleged child molester about to be elected to the Senate from Alabama, does not represent the Republican Party, Christians, or even conservatives.
Well, it’s time to call this out for the lie it is.
It may make conservatives, or Christians, feel better about themselves to proclaim their disgust for Moore’s alleged behavior, but it’s a delicate needle they are trying to thread here.
Moore scores a perfect 100% on the platform that’s been established by Republicans, Christians, and conservatives:
  • anti-abortion*
  • anti-LGBT rights
  • anti same sex marriage
  • anti Planned Parenthood
  • anti women’s right to make their own health care decisions
  • pro trickle-down
  • anti media
  • pro big business
  • anti taxes
  • anti immigrants^
  • pro Nazi
  • pro religion%
  • anti health care
If you’re a Republican, a Christian, or a conservative, and claim to be disgusted by Moore’s alleged molestation of a 14 year old girl when he was a 32 year old assistant district attorney, maybe it’s time to ask yourself some serious questions about the rest of your positions on these issues.
Maybe it’s none of your business what another person decides to do with their body.
Maybe it’s none of your business who another person decides to marry.
Maybe it’s none of your business what religion someone else chooses to follow.
Maybe since trickle down economics has never worked anywhere in the world, it’s not a smart economic policy.
Maybe advocating for lower taxes when we aren’t maintaining our infrastructure, public schools, or social services isn’t such a great idea.
Maybe referring to respected newspapers like the NY Times and Washington Post as “fake news” is a dangerously ignorant belief when the current President is an obsessive liar.
Maybe instead of claiming that Moore doesn’t represent your beliefs as a Republican, a Christian, or a conservative–when it’s pretty clear that he does–maybe it might make sense to reexamine those beliefs.
Contrary to the narrative that conservative pundits are attempting to spin here, Moore is not an “aberration.” He is the logical outcome of decades of increasingly ignorant, regressive, homophobic, sexist, racist dogma, wrapped up in “Christian, family-values”-inspired nostalgia. Attaching these small-minded, mean-spirited policy positions to religion was never anything more than an attempt to imbue them with a veneer of respectability–but the sheen on that coating wore off a long time ago, and the GOP is about to discover this new reality in a rich and meaningful way in the midterm elections.
Until then, let’s remember that Moore is not an outlier when it comes to Republican values–he’s the poster child for them.
* only every 4 years
^ only if brown or black or Muslim
& only if evangelical Christian