Gretchen Driskell, MI-07, Michigan Republicans, Tim Walberg — October 19, 2017 at 12:51 pm

Republican Congressman Tim Walberg tells angry constituents to “Get a life”


This past Monday, Congressman Tim Walberg held a townhall meeting in Tecumseh, Michigan where he met a raucous crowd who were largely angry with him, his Republican colleagues, and President Donald Trump.

During the question and answer period, one attendee described how angry she is with President Trump’s tweets. Rep. Walberg responded, “I can’t control his tweets. I have to answer to his tweets. I don’t like to answer to some of those tweets in all honestly, but I’m not the president. I can do what I’m supposed to do. So that’s what we’re going to do. And those of you that think there are impeachable offenses for tweets — come on! Get a life. Get a life. Get a life.

“Did you just tell us to get a life?!” one attendee asked incredulously.

“I did,” Walberg responded. “I did.”

“Why do you think we’re here?” the questioner shot back.

Watch (video shot and published by Sarrah Halstead):

This patronizing derision against constituents who took time out of their busy schedules to participate in participatory democracy and to give feedback to the person representing them in Congress has become all too common among Republicans. The “hot mic” moment when an aide to Congressman David Trott (MI-11) said they would use questions about military spending to portray constituents as “un-American” was another disgusting example.

I have news for Rep. Walberg: His constituents are beginning to wake up to his dangerous agenda and his unwavering support for Donald Trump will not help him. Constituents from all across the 7th Congressional District have had enough of the Republicans’ systematic dismantling of much of what makes this country great has roused them from their disinterest in politics. Large numbers of formerly uninvolved citizens are getting involved, going to these public appearances, and are joining forces to, as my wife Anne so perfectly puts it, “Reveal and Replace” members of Congress who do not represent their values or beliefs.

I think Rep. Walberg is in for a big surprise next November. His MI-07 constituents ARE getting a life. And they are using that new life to ensure that he is replaced in Congress, this time for good. And no amount of Koch brothers money can save him.

Want to get involved? Click HERE and get started. You can make a contribution to the campaign of Gretchen Driskell, Walberg’s Democratic opponent HERE. Compared to Walberg who raised his funds in the last quarter largely from special interests, Driskell’s support is mostly from individual Michigan supporters:

Driskell’s campaign stressed that her contributions came from nearly 1,300 donors, and that 84 percent were Michigan residents. Her campaign says 55 percent of Walberg’s itemized donations came from Michiganians and 43 percent of his haul was from special interests.

“When Walberg sits down to take a vote, you know he’s not thinking about all of us here at home,” Driskell said in a statement. “He’s thinking about the big money insurance firms, energy companies, and corporate bigwigs who line his pockets.”