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Love your public schools? Help us protect them!


As the saying (curse, actually) goes, “May you live in interesting times.” And we certainly do.

Like many of you, I wake up every day, pour my first cup of coffee, and switch on the TV to see what outrageous thing the current inhabitant of the White House has done, or tweeted, overnight. And when I want to know how these moves will impact Michigan, I head over to see what my friends and colleagues at Eclectablog are saying.

Way before I was a writer for Eclectablog I was a regular reader, fan, and contributor. I came to rely on Chris Savage, LOLGOP, Anne Savage, Amy Lynn Smith, Jen Eyer, Tawanna Petty, Susan Demas, and all of the other contributors to the blog for their insights on the issues of the day. And I found more than just excellent writing from a Progressive prospective–I found a community of committed, passionate activists.

While my “beat” here is education, I’m also worried about how this administration’s actions are damaging all of the things we cherish–our public schools, the free press, clean water, the environment, scientific research, health care, and so much more.

Perhaps the best way we can push back against these attacks is by exposing the hypocrisy and cruelty behind these moves–and that’s exactly what we try to do every day here at Eclectablog. And while none of us here are getting rich, it does cost something to keep the lights on while we are fighting the good fight–and that’s where you come in.

So, if you value the kind of truth-telling and honesty you’ve come to expect from all of the writers here, please consider making a contribution and joining the Eclectablog community. You can even make a monthly contribution using the tool below:

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While none of us here enjoy asking you to contribute to our efforts, we also know that our readers tend to be among the most well-informed, passionate, and engaged persons in our communities, and we hope you’ll consider helping us to continue expressing and supporting your beliefs and positions on the important issues of the day.

Thanks for considering adding your support to Eclectablog, and for being a part of the “Resistance”! Every dollar, and voice, counts!